Kylie Brown: ‘I Was Nervous, But Ecstatic,’ to Voice Rachel Amber in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

What was your favorite scene to record from Episode 1: Awake and Episode 2: Brave New World?

The scream [from Episode 1: Awake].

What can we expect to see from Rachel in Episode 3: Hell Is Empty? If you could describe it in one word, what would you pick and why?

Intense. Just get ready for some insane things to go down. Buckle up, everyone.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Rachel dressed as the Prospero in Blackwell Academy’s performance of The Tempest in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World.

How did it feel to know that you had been nominated for a Golden Joystick Award?


It’s so amazing and humbling to be nominated. Everyone nominated is so deserving and I can’t wait to see who wins.

Were you surprised with how the Life Is Strange community responded to your performance in Before the Storm? Did you know prior to securing your role that Life Is Strange had a very active fan base?

I was so shocked at the responses. The entire Life Is Strange community is so incredible. Everyone is just so sweet and uplifting and it feels like a family.

I didn’t realize how big Life Is Strange was until I was getting SO MANY comments from all over the world! It’s so insane and I love it. I love all of the fans!

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Chloe makes her first acquaintance with Rachel during the Firewalk gig in Episode 1: Awake.

Outside of our Life Is Strange questions, we understand that you’re really into soccer. How did you become so interested in the sport? And do you play any soccer gaming titles?

Aww, man, you’re making me miss playing soccer so much right now. I’m very sporty outside of acting. I’ve been that way my entire life. I’ve played soccer and softball since I was four years old until I was in middle school; that’s when I dedicated myself to soccer all year round. I played for the local American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) team until I went to high school and I made varsity in my freshman year on top of joining a traveling football club team. So, I literally played soccer for a team almost every single day. Other sports I’ve played throughout the years include volleyball, cross-country, football (powderpuff) and cheerleading.

Life Is Strange was my first voice-over audition and first voice-over job. So no, I’ve never voiced any soccer gaming titles, but I look forward to any opportunities that may come for me to do so!

What does the future hold for Kylie Brown in the gaming industry? Is Rachel a one-off performance for you in this industry, or has it ignited the desire to pursue more voice-acting roles?

I absolutely fell in love with the voice-over world. It was completely different than what I was used to in the on-screen world. I didn’t have to worry about what I looked like and it was solely about the art.

The performance was everything and I loved that. So, hopefully, the role of Rachel was the beginning of things to come!

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on Life Is Strange, check out Hardcore Gamer’s reviews for Episode 1: Awake and Episode 2: Brave New World. Additionally, don’t forget to read our interviews with Before the Storm writer Zak Garriss and director Chris Floyd and Before the Storm actor Katy Bentz.

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