PAX East 2017: Starry Knight Hallie is 16 Bits of Retro Mascot Action

One of the joys of a gaming show is discovering something unexpected and new.  Starry Knight Hallie is so new, in fact, that it doesn’t have a single screenshot or video online, aside from a few taken directly off the tv at the show floor.  The game itself is early enough that there’s only a single level available, and that one is a test bed for moves and combat rather than anything that will show up when it’s released.  Despite all this, Starry Knight Hallie is already a vibrant call-back to the 16-bit era with a strong moveset and a bold, confident look that promises great things.

Hallie is a knight running through a platforming world, but she comes with the fighting moves of a brawler.  Hallie can punch and air-juggle her enemies, has a good vertical kick, an air-stomp that’s useful for dropping down on critters and regaining a bit of altitude on the rebound, and her standard spin-kick also works to get a little extra air-time from a jump.  The result of all this is that the poor enemies in the demo got juggled mercilessly just because it was fun to do, helped in no small part by a brief window of opportunity before they’d fall defeated off the screen where you could start beating on them again.

While the fighting controls are fast and responsive, Hallie’s moves tie directly into the platforming as well.  The earliest jumps required the spin-kick to clear, and several sections needed the air-stomp in order to hop from one enemy to the next over a thorny gap.  It’s a good combination of effects, and while the demo level showed a few ways they could be chained there’s bound to be more as the game takes shape.  Starry Knight Hallie may only be in an embryonic stage of development, but her excellent character design, lively pixel art, and 16-bit fusion of platformer/brawling action give plenty of reason to anticipate the game’s final form.