PAX West 2018: Take Care of Every Structure in Buildings Have Feelings Too

There are many different kinds of management games out there. Somewhere the player acts as a god controlling humans as they progress through their every day life, others where the world slowly changes over a long period of time and some where it’s all about managing a city. Buildings Have Feelings Too takes it a whole other step by pushing humans aside as the key characters in favor of the very buildings themselves. This isn’t just a game about managing buildings, it’s about making sure they’re enjoying the life around them, because they have feelings too.

Each building in this world is their very own person and very alive! Each one has its own personality with various likes and dislikes. As buildings are put side by side, the player is able to see what they’re happy with and what makes them upset. An apartment might not be as happy with a factory next door blowing smoke in all its windows, but would be glad to have a bakery nearby to feed its living inhabitants. These buildings can even grow and produce new types of establishments by being next door, pushing the player to try different combinations in order to see what will become of it.

There are three main types of people the player building can recruit. One offers finances to in order to move in new buildings for the neighborhood, the second are starred specialists who will have certain kinds of jobs and the third is the regular passerby who can fit into generic positions. The second two are used to fill up positions in housing or jobs, with the specialists enabling the building of certain kinds of jobs or locations. These people can be simply picked up on the street and in a cute fashion follow behind the player’s building while trying to find the perfect fit for them. Not every specialist will be available and it can be a bit of a challenge at first to gather more people to fill positions. The best way to get more people to come is to build more housing, and then making sure they have jobs and everything else they need to live happily.

Time progresses naturally in this world and over different periods various events will occur and cause change which parallels the real world. Some of these can be terrible for the buildings, leading them to go bankrupt or be demolished. It’s up to the player to figure out how to keep these buildings thriving, or decide when it’s time for a bigger change in this city neighborhood. With the knowledge learned even after one play through, players will be able to hop back in from the beginning and start again to see what new sort of neighborhood they can build the second time around and try to make things even better. While still a laid back experience overall, this makes for a wonderful strategic element that challenges the player to really create a working environment in order for everything to work properly before things go south.

There’s a lot to love with the art style, unique take on building management and just the laid back feel of everything going on. It offers a unique relaxed experience with a puzzling strategic approach that lets players experiment along the way in order to determine what’s the best approach to make their city the very best. It’s a quirky take on the management genre that makes the attachment not even to the city itself, but rather the adorable buildings that are met along the way. Players will be able to dive into the lovely world of Buildings Have Feelings Too when it gets closer to its planned release date of late spring 2019.