E3 2015: A First Look at Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

The 10th installment in the Tony Hawk game series is called Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, and while that may not make any sense to series newcomers, those who are familiar with the original series know full well that the decline of the popular skateboarding game very well could’ve started when Tony Hawk went “Underground”, which is why Activision and Tony Hawk himself are eager to bring this back to it’s more formative years with the original title format.

Everything old is new again, you get the familiar “old” control scheme of the THPS games with the classic button controls from its predecessors in new high def beautiful environments in 1080p at 60fps.  Robomodo took over where Neversoft left off, but some key Neversoft developers were consulted during the design to help ensure it maintains that fun formula that made fans flock to the series over the years.

During your two-minute classic sessions you’ll go for the usual goals of collecting S-K-A-T-E, thumb drives (instead of secret tapes), reaching certain scores, and hitting other level specific challenges and gaps.

Andrew Reynolds and Tony Hawk are the two original skaters, joining a new lineup of current skaters including male and female skaters that Tony Hawk has stated are the defining team for the modern era of skating.

THPS veterans will also enjoy a mix of new and familiar levels like Venice Beach, The School, and Barracks, which is being used as the “training grounds” for the game.  In addition to the levels within the game, players will be able to Create their own skate parks as well as play and share them online.  Speaking of online, the online multi-player mode will feature up to 20 players at a time.

When it comes to music, Hawk was concerned with the soundtrack being something special as well as the game feel from the originals.  We know right now there will be more songs than in any previous TH game before, but real information on exactly what bands, aside from that he specifically mentioned more classic punk, which is always good to hear.

The game will be coming out on newer systems first (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), and then coming to the older systems down the road, with a late fall 2015 window is the target for release.