E3 2015: Dark Souls III: The Souls-iest Game Ever

Dark Souls III has been confirmed! Fans of the series are ready to get a whole new level of punishment dealt to them through the cutthroat difficulty of its gameplay, which is certainly to be expected with this new From Software title. although there hasn’t been any gameplay footage revealed just yet, the trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference was a intense extravaganza and was sinister enough to strike a critical blow to fans of the series in just the right place.

Mike Change and Nicholas O’Leary revealed a lot about the newest installment in the Dark Souls series. Dark Souls III will bring a ton of new features to fans of the series, and instead of mashing up Demon Souls , Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II into one massive third installment, they wanted to take the best of each one and craft something new for fans. Dark Souls III will be the first game in the core Souls series made just for next-gen consoles, allowing the visuals to look much better than anything From Software has put out before. A number of ambient effects will be on display, including wind blowing, ash, cloth physics and dynamic lighting. The dynamic lighting featured on the iconic torch which will be at its absolute peak in the new installment, so get ready for a great deal of flame action next Spring.


The interconnected world that fans saw in Dark Souls will return in Dark Souls III, thus making it so anything players see in the distance can be traveled to, all thanks to real-time background rendering. There will be some narrative tiebacks to the first few games, but players will not have to play the first two games to understand what is going on in the third installment. The real connection across the three games is that of the world itself, but there is no overarching narrative that spans over the entire series, as longtime Dark Souls fans can attest to. There will be an increased story-telling element in Dark Souls III, and the developers revealed a small tidbit of info regarding the coming story before stopping themselves, noting that, “It definitely takes place in the same Dark Souls universe, but when and where that is – is sort – [well, we will] not talk about that quite yet.”

From Software and Bandai Namco will likely show off another trailer, and potentially some gameplay footage during Gamescon, being that E3 and Gamescom are only six weeks apart from each other, and the Dark Souls III team wanted to save some news for the next big conference. From Software has added some new combat abilities to the newest game, which is certainly exciting for fans of the series. Players still have the light and heavy attacks from previous games, but now, if players two-hand their right hand weapon, their character will go into different combat stances. In short, with short swords players will go in a ready stance and be able to do all kinds of new attacks such as shield breaking and lunging attacks and lean into attacks to absorb enemy hits. The combat system is risk-reward based, but if players don’t want to play that way they will always have the option to go back and play the regular way if they want to.

Dark Souls III will be coming out in early 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC