E3 2015: Need for Speed Hopes to Distract in the Best Way

Electronic Arts has revealed that the new Need for Speed reboot will feature key fundamentals of past installments’ gameplay, which should get longtime fans of the series extremely excited. The game’s tagline, “Speed, style, build, crew, outlaw,” suggests all those key elements from past entries that fans adore will be key features of this gorgeous arcade racer.

Marcus Nilsson, the Executive Producer of Ghost Games, pitched that the new project will be combining all of the best elements from previous Need for Speed tltes and mashing them all up into one game. This new reboot is set to include elements ranging “from the customization of Need for Speed, to the world of Need for Speed Carbon,” according to Nilsson


During the course of E3, Marcus Nilsson spoke about the flawless transition from realistic FMV cutscenes to actual gameplay,that will makes heads spin over the unbelievable passage from real life to actual gameplay. Need for Speed is being developed on the heralded Frostbyte Engine, which means that it should look better than any arcade racer to come before it. Face it folks, the puddle lighting will be unbelievable (this is what “next gen” means, right?).

Need for Speed will be going back to embracing car culture, getting the minute details right and embracing some of the most iconic cars into their world. Ghost Games has used Speed Hunters, an organization that is considered to have a finger on the pulse of the cutting edge of car culture. These Speed Hunters are the ones who are feeding Ghost Games the information it needs to make a more liable and immersive game that they aim to get as close to reality game as possible.



The distraction-based gameplay, which Ghost Games is hoping to feature in Need for Speed, will seamlessly blend between multiplayer and single player. Multiplayer will involve up to seven players or less at any time, thus making it a massive endeavor. There are five ways to play Need for Speed: Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw and all five ways to play summarize the cool, arcade, edge of your seat experience that Need for Speed will bring to its players. Need for Speed will sport an immersive storyline and, although Nilsson had not divulged any information on what it might entail during E3, he did explain that it wouldn’t be a story where players will be drift around street corners in order to save the world. Nilsson himself said that he wouldn’t play a game with a story like that.

Car customization is going in deep this time around, as Need for Speed will go as far as to embrace the smallest ldetails. Players will be able to customize the way their cars sound, handle and look, but Ghost Games is looking to keep its customization options as authentic as possible with aftermarket parts for all of the iconic cars.

Need for Speed is one of the most globally know brands in gaming and has a legacy that spans over twenty years, and it appears as though the latest title in the franchise will live up to that billing after a year away from the gaming world.