E3 2016: Turtle Beach Wants to Make Life Easier for Gamers

Turtle Beach has established themselves as one of the top names in video game audio.  Whether a casual gamer or a professional eSports athlete, Turtle Beach is a popular choice for gaming headsets and have a reputation for producing some of the highest quality headsets on the market.  At the most recent E3, they revealed some of their newest available items and upcoming products in a presentation which will be discussed below.

The newest headset they have available is the Elite Pro Tournament Headset.   The Elite Pro is designed with professional eSports athletes in mind but there is no law saying those who only play video games for fun cannot enjoy this.  The Elite Pro introduces the ComforTec Fit System which allows the user to adjust the fit for their own individualized comfort.  The Elite Pro is designed so the weight is evenly distributed across the user’s head to help maintain optimal comfort during extended play sessions.  For added comforted there is fabric covered ear cuffs with cooling gel infused memory foam.  The side walls of the cuffs are designed to enhance noise isolation and bass response while utilizing full size 50 mm drivers.  The sound mix of game audio and chat is tuned to be most beneficial in an eSports match where communication is crucial.  Mid range frequencies are higher in the mix so chat can easily cut through other ambient game noise.  Lastly, the Elite Pro implements a design feature which is the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, which alleviates ear cushion pressure to provide comfort for glasses, whether they be prescription or gaming specific glasses such as a pair of Gunnar Optiks.


For those who like to have control over their sound mix, there is the Tactical Audio Controller.  This is a mixing amp that works with the Turtle Beach headsets and has the added bonus of looking futuristic with a lot of cool looking lights.  This is meant to amplify the audio and does so with DTS 7.1 Surround Sound.  This comes loaded with numerous mixing presets and also allows the user to create and save their own level mixes.  The mixing capabilities include the ability to balance the in game audio and chat levels as well as limit background noise such as crowd cheer.  The outbound mic level can be boosted if you want to make sure your teammates can hear you during the game, and to coincide with that you can have it monitor your own voice in your mix to make sure you aren’t shouting at your team unnecessarily.  This TAC unit includes an auxiliary input and supports streaming mic output as well as an ethernet port to create an offline local network for chat.  This is compatible with Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, with the added benefit of working as a 7.1 surround sound system for PC.

To make life easier for people who like live streaming their games, Turtle Beach is releasing the Turtle Beach Stream Mic.  This mic is universal plug and play for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac with a downloadable software suite with several professional quality digital processing capabilities and an array of various mic settings.


For the upcoming assortment of virtual reality options, Turtle Beach has designed the Stealth 350VR unit, which is an audio headset designed to work in tandem with the virtual reality unit headsets. An observation of the VR units is a great deal of emphasis was put on creating a visually immersive world but there is just a small earpiece or earbud. The premise of the Stealth 350VR is for the audio to match the visual level of immersion. The Stealth 350VR is designed to take the sound from good to great with amplifying the audio and providing bass boost. This item will feature full size, full range 50 mm drives, memory foam, and fabric wrapped for comfort. There will be a noise cancelling mic, all controls will be mounted in the ear cuff, and will be compatible with the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and the HTC. Being mindful that the VR headsets are going to weigh several pounds and have a hefty price tag, the Stealth 350VR is designed to be incredibly light and has a retail price around eighty bucks, plus it boasts a thirty hour rechargeable battery. Both the Stealth and Stream Mic are slated to be available this October.