E3 2018: Just Cause 4 Wants to Literally Blow You Away

There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to sandbox games. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want and with anything you can think of. One could even call this genre abstract art. Just Cause 4 could be considered a masterpiece in that description.

The series has been since 2006 and in that time has expanded upon itself in some huge ways. Now, Just Cause 4 will be releasing in December and looks to blow away everyone’s expectations. You would never think about how a game could top itself but Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have certainly found ways of surprising fans. Everything players loved from the past is back, plus more. This is shaping up to be a fun, unique experience that is different from everything else on the market.

You don’t have to play the previous titles to enjoy Just Cause 4 but it wouldn’t hurt. The lore of the series continues in new ways. Rico receives more depth and players could start relating to him at some points. The Black Hand is back as the main antagonists while we learn about Rico’s past and revisit some loose ends. Once immersed into the world, players can learn about story just by traveling around instead of having tons of plot points and storylines dropped on you. This entry focuses on a more mature tale which brings a tonal shift to the series. It has plausible moments that could in reality but still keeps some of its classic insanity intact.

Some new features include tornadoes and other chaotic weather effects. These will change the landscape in radical ways by interacting with the physics of structures, items, people and even Rico. Whatever occurs across the different biomes will begin without warning as they are large enough to notice. The grappling hook remains a constant and integral part of the action. Avalanche has doubled down on what you will be able to use it for. Various attachments and modifiers for it can create new ways of playing. Gun combat has changed a bit to resemble traditional shooting gameplay. Drones and turrets also get involved as something to look out for.

The development team has spent time watching and listening to its community for better ways of incorporating social aspects. They want players to be able to share their experiences and come up with ways of letting Just Cause 4 become an extension of their personalities. Whether that is by streaming or uploading some of the gameplay, Avalanche wants to see how everyone takes advantage of everything new. There is currently no plans for multiplayer modes as they wish to give time to exploring this vast world. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come in the future.

All of the bigger explosions, massive amounts of vehicles and intense, high-speed action in Just Cause 4 is definitely what we all want. Avalanche Studios and Square Enix are fine-tuning this to become a the best of the series and a great entrant in the history of video games. It is scheduled to release December 4 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Look forward to creating your own work of explosive art!