Everybody’s Golf Makes Hot Shots Franchise More Social

The PlayStation has laid claim to an enjoyable exclusive that many don’t think of. Hot Shots Golf has been a secret staple of Sony dating back to 1997. Known as Everybody’s Golf in countries outside of North America, Sony and developer Clap Hanz are not implementing that name to the North American version, as well. Everybody’s Golf will be the first iteration of the series available on the PlayStation 4. It’s scheduled for release on August 29 and recently Clap Hanz opened up a closed beta test that we were able to participate in. It’s safe to say that this game will offer the same charm as the previous titles.

The goal for Everybody’s Golf is to make the game of golf fun and accessible to everyone. The core gameplay does not change from the previous titles. It takes fantasy courses and cartoon golfers and provides an addictive yet challenging experience. Using the three click method, it’s easy to play through some holes. However, the opportunity is there to master this game as over the years customization and upgrades have come into play.

Clap Hanz will be bringing the next title up to the speed of today’s technological advancements. Everybody’s Golf will have an offline and online mode, as the goal is to offer social interaction and a fun experience with friends. The closed beta showed off the ability to play either one hole or nine holes. This game is going to be a bit different as players can navigate the entire course on foot (or eventually by golf cart) and pick which holes they want to play. Each hole has a scoreboard as points are rewarded for how well the hole is completed. This aspect will look to add a whole new dimension to the franchise and possibly other golf games going forward.

Along with being able to freely roam the entire course, other players can be seen playing simultaneously, but they will not interfere with the gameplay. Everybody’s Golf will also feature a battle mode, of sorts, as you and a partner will compete on different holes against two opponents. Players will also be able to go fishing in the final release of the game if they want to take a break from competition. The online lobby is a hub much like what is available in Destiny’s Tower.

The other key aspect that was available in the online beta is character customization. In the past, characters were unlocked and new outfits could be purchased. In Everybody’s Golf, players can quickly select a pre-created character or customize a new character. The closest thing to relate the player creation to is creating a Mii. There is enough there to add some diversity to each character, and this is just at a closed beta stage.

Everybody’s Golf will retail for $39.99 and is only available on PlayStation 4. The game is instantly downloadable if pre-ordered, and offers a few perks when doing so. A 20th Anniversary Course will be available, if pre-ordered, along with an Everybody’s Golf avatar, two unique shirts, a premium golf kart, a rabbit mascot costume and a dynamic theme. The franchise has always offered a great local multiplayer experience for anyone including non-golf fans. Now, Clap Hanz is offering necessary components to keep an entertaining franchise current (yes, fishing is necessary).

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