Mario Golf: Super Rush Turns Up Fairway Action Like Never Before

Golf was the first sport we ever got to see Mario experience, so it always makes sense that he and his slew of friends go back and get to play again with brand new skills under their belt. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest in the long-running series with a charming amount of modes players will be able to sink their perfect hits into with the right club in hand. A variety of characters and ways to play with friends no matter where they are up the ante to make this one of the most creative Mario golf titles to date.

Those looking to go into everything alone can easily start up an adventure campaign that has players learning the ropes on how to play, putting their way through every course and even taking on bosses along the way in unique and creative fights using nothing more than one’s golfing skills. It’s an easy way to get started for those taking in Mario golfing for the first time or just looking for the solo experience that challenges their skills and trains them up later for what’s to come. Fortunately those hoping for a more traditional challenge have three different modes that they can easily dive into at any time to get their quick golf fix.

Standard golf is exactly what it sounds like, with Mario and friends trying to make it to the green and sink a ball in the lowest hits possible. The courses start from simple to complex the further in it goes, giving a lot of variety to experience along the way. Speed Golf has no time for waiting around, so up to four players can go head to head in fast-paced battles that have characters even using special abilities to slow each other down. It’s nice to take time and aim, but speed is what matters most and will require quick thinking in order to get there first with a good score. Finally, there’s battle golf which has all players in one arena with nine different holes to aim for in order to capture enough flags. Be the first to make that accomplishment and come out on top, all while opponents are racing to do the same in an even more obstacle-filled arena than the other regular courses.

It’s been a while since we last saw a new Mario Golf title, but Super Rush doesn’t seem to be disappointing with lots of options at its disposal for players looking to take on all kinds of different challenges. The crazy new fast-paced mechanics seem like the perfect way to keep players invested in coming back as they master their abilities and get ready to duke it out, or simply want to sit back and see who has the most accurate skill and aiming ability when setting off to the green. There may have never been a better way to enjoy a simple or complex round of golf either alone or with friends when Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the scene next week on June 25.