Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 Enters its Third Year

Milestone and Feld Motor Sport continue on their ambitious journey with Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 as it enters its third year. Coming off one of the more exciting Monster Energy Supercross seasons in history, players will have access to the 2019 season that saw Cooper Webb win the championship in surprising fashion. This will include all teams, drivers and tracks from that season along with all the legacy modes from last year’s game. We were sent over a preview copy as Milestone looks to have the most polished version of the game to date.

Besides offering everything that made the 2019 season so special, players will again have access to various modes. This starts with over 100 riders spanning the 450SX, 250SX West and 250SX East classes. The track editor returns and will be deeper than ever. The tracks can be shared and downloaded and can even be used in custom offline and online championships. The editor will include new stadium modules and aesthetics to make the creations look more realistic. Another new addition in terms of creation is the ability to create a female rider. Milestone states that is due in part to the new animations and face scans that are taken for the game.

The most impressive change for Monster Energy Supercross 3 comes with the Compound. This year, it takes place at the Factory Supercross Practice Tracks in California. The Compound also allow for three player cooperative play. Nine tracks are laid out in this area and it’s overall much more spread out and allows for a more comfortable experience. This is basically set in a giant construction yard where riders from this series and FIM Supercross series come to practice. The area will transition from day-to-night and include different weather that affects the grip of the bike. There’s a lot of ground to cover and I found myself getting a little lost at times.

The gameplay will look to benefit from these new animations listed above. Riding seemed to be more consistent as finding a rhythm was key. What will be more important is getting acclimated to each track and what line to take. Milestone brought back the guide to help riders take on the proper trajectory of the jumps. This includes a new in-air control mechanic to help riders on jumps. All of this hopes to provide a more realistic riding experience for everyone playing.

Playing the game on PC as compared to on consoles is a major change and this comes most notably in the visual department.  The new animations and facial scans are boasting the best representation of the drivers to date. This also includes some new introduction screens and more fluent pyros. One thing Milestone has never shy’d away on is the lighting and it seems it will make things more realistic looking this year. Players can also expect a better online racing experience thanks to dedicated servers, but this aspect was not available during the early play through. The core of the game seems to be well established as Milestone is focusing on bringing a good multiplayer experience this year both online and offline.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3
will be available on February 4 and will release on all major platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. The official 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season has just kicked off as of last weekend. Look for our review of the game closer to the release date. There’s also some gameplay footage on our YouTube page and also a music video trailer for the game that can be viewed here.