PAX West 2019: Disintegration is an Attentive New Approach to Multiplayer Combat

Multiplayer titles have always been popular, and these days the big winner is often cooperative multiplayer that requires teams to function together in order to complete an objective. This is the case with Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and even some of the more popular battle royales. Disintegration is a brand new title that’s going for both a single and multiplayer experience for those who enjoy a more story-driven experience and those looking for a fun time with friends or competitively.

Not much is known yet about the story in Disintegration other than it focuses on a post-apocalyptic world where humans have started to integrate their brains with machines in order to survive. The main gameplay in Disintegration focuses around the players in their Gravcycle. This flying machine is massive, and depending on the character chosen changes differently in terms of its defensive and offensive abilities. Some are fast and meant to go in and out, some are slow but tanky meant for the front line and others are ranged while trying to stay at the back to support their allies. There’s even more strategies beyond those basic, but those are the general simple approach that Disintegration is going far with class distribution.

The biggest unique twist to Disintegration is the player is never going into combat alone. Sure each player may have allies if they’re playing multiplayer, but they also have ground troops along with them. Each gravcycle has three ground troops they take with them into battle. These can be commanded at any point to move locations or attack certain targets with ease. This can be the key way to turn the tide in battle, as pointing the ground troops towards an opposing gravcycle can be the difference between winning or losing a fight.

The multiplayer mode shown off was one of many in the works. This one is a straightforward objective delivery type mission. One team is attacking, while the other defends. The attackers aim to use their troops in order to grab an item to carry from one side to the other while the defending team fights them off. This lasts anywhere from two to more rounds depending on scoring. Any time during combat when a player is defeated they can change classes to another character in order to sway combat. While their ground units can also be destroyed, they will respawn after a time so players need to decide if they continue forward when they fall or hold back until their units are with them. There’s a great amount of variety here already and it will be interesting to see how it continues to expand.

Disintegration is a great look at a unique new idea that takes a genre that’s been tapped into many times over but shakes it up in an engaging new way. Players won’t just focus on themselves, but need to use their ground troops in a smart way if they want to last in battle efficiently. It will also be interesting to see just what kind of single player experience ends up happening, as there’s so much potential in this creative world that’s been crafted. The combat sets itself up well for both single and multiplayer, so it will be interesting to see how fans respond and whether or not they prefer one or both. Although there’s no set in stone release date just yet, Disintegration is planning launching next year for PC.