WWE 2K20 is a Revolution in the Ring

The WWE 2K series of games has had no shortage of gameplay options. WWE 2K20 is looking to add even more to appease the community while adding some new and fun aspects that are outside of the box. This will be developer Visual Concepts first WWE title with total control as the previous developer Yukes is out of the picture. At the recent WWE 2K20 Preview Event in Las Vegas, we got our hands on a preview build of the game. The focus looks to be in the right places for this year’s game.

At the forefront of this year’s game are the women of the WWE. The Women’s Revolution has been a big part of the WWE for the past few years and perfect to be utilized in the Showcase Mode. This mode is much like a documentary that goes through events in WWE history and this year it’s on the Women’s Revolution. Players will play as the Four Horsewomen in NXT as it goes through the progression of the Revolution. Players will again need to pull off key moves to progress through the matches. Showcase will features 17 videos in total with a combined run time of over 28 minutes as each of the Horsewomen share their story. 15 historical matches are included with 55 story-centric cutscenes that will get players into the story. As players progress, they will unlock new attires for Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley. This looks to further shine a spotlight on the Women’s Revolution.

Another big impact from the Women’s Revolution will come with MyCareer in WWE 2K20. Visual Concepts is sticking with the story-driven MyCareer from last year and introducing a new one. Players can create both male and female WWE Superstars for the first time. Each character will occasionally team together in the all-new Mixed Tag matches. The story revolves around “Red” and “Tre,” two lifelong best friends who set out to fulfill their dreams together in the WWE. This nearly twenty hour experience takes place in the near future on the day of Red and Tre’s WWE Hall of Fame induction. They reminisce with Superstars and legends about their stories shared during their Hall of Fame speech. These include flashbacks to their high school years, first matches, their struggles in the indies and then finally their experience in NXT and WWE.

MyCareer will be fully voiced again this year with performances from over forty WWE and NXT Superstars along with legends. New voices will include Ronda Rousey, The New Day, Becky Lynch, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, The IIconics, Samoa Joe and more. Players will track Red and Tre’s career progress with “The List.” As teenagers, both Superstars wrote down all of the goals they’d like to achieve in their career. There will also be certain points where decisions are made that determine the matches that both Red and Tre will compete in. This can lead to alternate outcomes, as well. Finally, podcasts return with “The Buzz and Cole Show” who will be familiar to those who played last year’s MyCareer. A new take and a new story with MyCareer will also give players something completely different in WWE 2K20.

Visual Concepts is also introducing 2K Originals. This will be a game-wide content pack that delivers new content to players and it starts with 4 unique 2K Originals at launch. Some of what we played at the event really built upon the Wyatt Compound from last year. The developers had heard while it was cool, it was pretty boring. Players will lay witness to new horror-themed rings and areas with more object interaction. What was completely surreal was seeing the horror-themed Superstars such as Alleister Black and Finn Balor. The Fiend is featured in the game but will need to be unlocked by completing his Tower. The Originals also includes new Showcase Episodes hosted by The New Day. This mode looks to be an extremely fun take on WWE that will deliver new content periodically.

2K Towers returns with the focus on a premier 16-match tower that showcases the rivalries of Roman Reigns. This tower will also include video introductions from Roman, himself. 2K Towers will also be implementing tag matches, triple threats and fatal four ways. New modifications and stipulations will be included as increased or reduced damage or no HUD will play a factor. 50 new total towers are available from the start that includes Legends, Women’s Revolution and 2K central. There are plenty of ways to play these towers.

MyPLAYER is getting redesigns and new implementations while the WWE Universe Mode is getting more of what those players already love. MyPLAYER will include five core classes to choose from along with two unique styles that will play differently from each other. The Tree has been redesigned to allow more freedom of choice as players can spend attribute points to upgrade their stats. Prestige ranks are also included as each one features 25 XP levels. These are all about unlocking rewards. Female MyPLAYERS will be fully integrated into Road to Glory and the new Featured Match will expand on the daily scheduled Tonight’s Match. These include triple threats, fatal four-ways and six man matches.

With all these additions to keeping players engaged in WWE 2K20, what does this mean for the gameplay? This is Visual Concepts baby now, and adjustments have been made to make the game more accessible and to give players more options in the ring. The biggest change is to reversals and this looks to be a game changer. Reversals have been moved to the Y or Triangle button rather than the trigger. Submissions and what not still feature the same mini-games, but reversals are much easier to pull off. A lot of work went into improving the look and feel of these as reversals fire off quicker. Signatures and Finishers have also been turned into double button presses. This also includes OMG moves. Climbing has been designated to the RB/R1 and standing submissions can be directly applied to a front facing opponent. Assist Mode will help players still learning the controls to experience a wide variety of their character’s move set. The AI system will choose a specific attack for you. Mixed Gender matches will include dual attacks and finishers to provide all superstars to be involved in a single attack.

Once again, WWE 2K20 looks to bring a ton of content for players to dive into while making it more accessible for the casual fan. 2K and Visual Concepts are bridging the gaps on gameplay and improving necessary features based on community feedback and adding new ways to play. The creations suite will still be wide and vast and also keeping the presentation up to date with the inclusion of Greg Hamilton as the ring announcer and Renee Young in the broadcast booth will make the game feel up to date. WWE 2K20 will launch on October 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Be on the look out for our review closer to launch.