Yooreka Studio Looks to Impress with E3 Lineup

Yooreka Studio isn’t a household name, but they’re hoping their E3 lineup helps change that. They announced over half a dozen games crossing a variety of genres — including some that are a part of Steam’s Next Play demo experience. The first title shown off in their lineup is Loopmancer — a fast-paced blend of action-platformer with swift swordplay and  a rapid-fire pace to it that aims to test your mettle at every turn. Set in a rain-slicked cyberpunk world, players will slice and dice foes while also using parries to prevent damage.

The quick action is  evocative of Strider with how fast your blade movements are, while the use of mid-air evasion and tight corridors reminds one of My Friend Pedro — only with swords instead of guns. With a goal to find a missing journalist, you’ll hack up tons of foes while also blasting away – as shown by the in-game HUD on the top left-hand side. It appears that in addition to the blade, a variety of guns can be used with Y and other aides can be used with LT. One clip shows a machine gun can be used with Y and a turret can be deployed with LT. Another indicates a mini-SMG-style gun for Y and then a barricade of some sort with LT — so character upgrades look to be plentiful and should wind up keeping the action fresh.

The company also showed off Metal Mind, a twin-stick game set in a futuristic world with a touch of bullet hell thrown in. As a large missile-firing mech, players will evade a ton of enemy fire while also being able to change out their loadouts. If you don’t find success with missiles, you can switch things over to a faster-paced machine gun. There are also short-range attacks to unleash on foes that swarm you, with things like sword slashes and a pulsating enemy-damaging shield also working as methods of crowd control.

One impressive part of what’s been shown so far is the sheer variety of weapon attacks — and having the versatility to do things like both throw missiles and gunfire at foes at one time is fantastic and will enable the player to quickly get an adrenaline rush. It will be interesting to see just how the game turns out, as all indications early-on are that it has all the tools needed to be a top-notch entry in a crowded genre. It looks to have a lot of variety within the sub-genre and that’s a rarity.

Another action-heavy game will be joining their lineup in the form of The Swordsmen X: Survival. Built in UE 4, players will play as a samurai armed with a bow and arrow out to survive the world, their enemies, and live off the land as best they can. Players seeking a lot more action in their slice-of-life simulator will be in for a treat, as there’s nothing else quite like this on the market. Players can engage in both short and long-range combat with swords and arrows, or focus on the life simulation aspects and build up their homesteads.

One big flaw with life simulation games is that they can easily lack variety, which appears to be something that The Swordsmen will be able to avoid — and something that should help give it a longer shelf life. The combat that’s been shown off so far looked solid, and it’ll be interesting to see just how well the action and simulation aspects of the game blend together. It shouldn’t be an oil and water mix as both can work fine on their own and having both short and long-range combat will help the game appeal to more kinds of action gaming fans. The samurai setting is also nice and isn’t often seen in a life simulation style game.

We’ll be keeping an eye on all of Yooreka’s E3 lineup. Beyond these action-centric games, they also announced some slower-paced games, including the online sandbox survival game Tales of Wild, the construction and management game The Immortal Mayor, a colony sim in the form of Reshaping Mars, Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator and a detective game called Mohism. In the case of these games, all but The Immortal Mayor also received demos on Steam as well.

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