Review: AndaSeat Dark Demon Premium Gaming Chair

Anyone who takes their video game habit seriously knows there can be a lot of things to take into consideration in setting up their gaming space. Most of that planning goes into the tech stuff, such as a good headset, computer rig, TV and so on. It’s easy and fun (and don’t forget expensive) to get caught up in buying all kinds of stuff to create the perfect gaming environment with all the high-tech toys. An overlooked, but no less important, piece of a respectable game room is a throne to sit upon. There are a variety of options for this, from bean bag to couch, but for those that are the most hardcore there are specialty gaming chairs and a good gaming chair needs to combine comfortable ergonomics with an aesthetically-pleasing style.

AndaSeat is a company that specializes in gaming chairs. Prior to catering to the gaming crowd, they designed race car seats for BMW so they have some experience in making high-end products. They offer a variety of styles based on visual preference and gamer size, but the specific one Hardcore Gamer got to take a look at is the Dark Demon. One of the nicer features of the AndaSeat website is it lists appropriate height and weight ranges for each of their chairs, so along with the basic measurements of the chairs, it can help give an idea of what chair might be a good choice for you based on your individual measurements. The Dark Demon for example is ideal for people between 5’2″ and 6’2″ and weigh under 285 lbs, but has a maximum listed load as 6’10” and 350 lbs.

The Dark Demon is an ominous yet stylish looking piece of office furniture, and even with the sinister name, its all black design allows it to blend into any office setting. The carbon fiber and leather-like material construction allow for a comfortable place to sit that looks nice in the process. For added comfort, there’s a velour head pillow and lumber support pillow, both of which can be adjusted or removed based on individual comfort levels, and in addition to comfort are intended to help with proper posture. The armrests are adjustable to provide a comfortable gaming experience, and even though personally I tend to not rest my arms on anything while gaming, they’re nice and can be useful at other times. Underneath the black exterior is high density mould shaping foam, which is partially composed of memory to give the chair a nice broken in feeling while providing ergonomically sound levels of comfort.

Getting into some of the more fun parts, the Dark Demon has a tilt mechanism that goes from 90 to 160 degrees, so the user can recline to an almost completely horizontal level of slouching and class four hydraulic pistons help keep the chair secure. The Dark Demon has an aluminum base and steel frame work to provide strength and stability, and 60 mm king sized rubber wheels allow for smooth and easy transport of the chair across all surfaces. The frame has a lifetime warranty, with all other parts (excluding the PVC leather) carrying a six year warranty.

Those are the basic specifications of the Dark Demon, but the important part is what did we think about it. When the chair arrived unassembled, the packaging listed the weight at 23.5 kg or in the ballpark of fifty pounds for us non-metric users. The instructions have ten steps for assembling which were straightforward. The Dark Demon can be assembled by one person without too much difficulty, though two people make the job easier and all necessary equipment was included. It’s a nice looking chair once assembled. The claims of its quality on the website were true, though it didn’t quite glide across the thick carpet, it wasn’t difficult to move either. About a week or so passed between assembling the chair and writing this review, and in that time it got a lot of use between writing articles for this website and playing video games (also for this website). There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about a chair. It’s comfortable, the extra pillows do provide good back support, but the option to remove them is always nice. Personal opinion is the design looks great, but there are a lot of other options from AndaSeat for personal taste. The most important thing is that this is extremely comfortable for extended periods of time, whether it be watching movies, playing games or doing office work.

Closing Comments:

AndaSeat’s Dark Demon is the perfect blend between style and comfort. The slick black design gives its appearance versatility that allows it to fit in with just about any environment and its comfort level allows the user to to spend countless hours in front of their PC or console. There are many other styles available from AndaSeat if the Dark Demon doesn’t suit your taste though some of the other more colorful ones might not fit with certain settings. After spending time with the Dark Demon, the level of comfort and quality the chair delivers lives up to claims of AndaSeat which makes this an item worth considering for anyone in the market for a high-end chair specifically designed for gaming.