Review: AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table

AndaSeat has taken pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of gaming chairs, but a computer chair without a desk seems rather incomplete. Always looking for solutions to problems, AndaSeat has introduced two computer tables: the 55″ Eagle 1400 and the 47″ Masks. A good computer desk is useful not just for video games, but in this age where a lot of us are working from home a high-quality PC desk can be a good investment, so given AndaSeat’s track record and the amount of gaming and writing we do, checking out these computer tables seemed like a no-brainer. Due to the finite space of the Hardcore Gamer offices, we are only going to examine the Eagle 1400.

First off we’ll get into some of the basic information about the table. The Eagle 1400 has a laminated carbon fiber texture table and includes a mousepad that covers the entire desktop surface. There’s a cable management system in the back of the desk, which is basically just a hanging apparatus to route cables through to help prevent having to deal with an unruly and unsightly mass of cables. The front of the Eagle 1400 features a hook to hang your headset (only one, which is limited for people who have about thirty) and a cup holder. The measurements of the Eagle 1400 are 55″ x 23″ x 29″ (or 140 cm x 58 cm x 74 cm) and can support up to 330 lbs (150 kg). It was suggested for the review I try to take on a nap on the desk, but didn’t want to chance it, even though it felt sturdy enough where I could have.

Similarly to the AndaSeat chairs, assembling the Eagle 1400 was a rather straightforward process. While in good conscience it cannot be condoned not to own a proper toolset, the Eagle comes with a small magnetic screwdriver to make assembly a breeze. The process of assembly was something like maybe fifteen minutes at most. The instructions are easy to follow and pretty simple. Putting the Eagle together is comparable to a beginner level IKEA furniture project.

Once assembled the Eagly 1400 is an impressive computer desk. Due to its rather massive size, it’s a great multitasking work station. Whether you’re using a two monitor setup, switch between a laptop and desktop PC or have your PC monitor double as a monitor for a game console, there’s plenty of room to accommodate just about any set up imaginable with leftover room for snacks or decorative figures. The desktop size mouse pad takes away any movement restrictions with mouse use and the ergonomic shape of the table and its materials make this ideal for long gaming sessions. The adjustable leg pads help maintain stability even on uneven flooring. The feel of the constructed materials provide confidence that even though this table has only been used for a couple weeks it is built for longevity. The AndaSeat branding on the legs does give the table a gaming accessory appearance, and it’s available with either red or black legs, which is strictly a matter of personal preference which is better.

Overall this is a good table that’s hard to not recommend, but there are suggestions for improvement. The height of the table is set at 29″ (74 cm) which is the standard height for computer desks, but not necessarily ideal for everyone. The cupholder feature is nice as it frees up desktop space and lessens the chance of drinks destroying computer equipment, but feels less sturdy than the rest of the desk, although so far there have been no unfortunate beverage related mishaps. On the topic of cupholders, it seems like this would be a good option to consider for AndaSeat chairs. Lastly, as this is marketed as a computer table, a great feature that could be considered would be the addition of a charging station with USB ports or power outlets. This would also make this desk something that would need to be plugged in itself, but just an idea for the next iteration of computer tables.

Closing Comments:

AndaSeat’s Eagle 1400 is overall a good option for a good gaming PC desk, which could also double as a work from home station. The materials and construction are high quality as the desk can support a number of items while maintaining stability. The wire management system in back helps reduce cord clutter, while the full surface mousepad and cupholder provide nice quality of life comforts. The lack of any charging ports hold it back from being a truly competitive PC desk, and even with it being the standard PC desk height, the lack of an adjustable height option may be off putting to some. But even with those caveats, the Eagle 1400 is a high-quality piece of furniture.