Review: Bionik TV Lynx and Commuter Switch Case

The most remarkable thing about the Nintendo Switch is how it can switch between a home console and a handheld. This is a great feature for traveling, allowing players to go on trips and not have to take a break from their current games. The only drawback is the dock isn’t very convenient for travel, so when the Switch is outside of the home it’s pretty much relegated to handheld status. The TV Lynx from Bionik offers a more convenient way to take advantage of the Switch’s versatility on the road, allowing players to connect the Switch to a TV without having to lug the dock. It’s not a perfect replacement, but it gets the job done well enough to make a valuable travel companion whenever the Switch goes on the road.

The Lynx is a straight forward setup out of the box. It features a high quality six foot long braided cable with a USB Type-C component for the Switch and included wall plug in along with an HDMI component. Plug the HDMI into the TV, the USB Type-C ends into the Switch and power source and voila, you’re set to play the Switch on the hotel room TV or wherever you might end up without a proper docking station. The main difference is the Switch’s screen isn’t covered but that should be an expected concession to make since the Lynx is designed to be an alternative to the official dock.

After the Switch is connected to the Lynx it does function essentially like the dock. The Switch appears to be tricked into thinking that the Lynx is its docking station, so the Joy-Cons needs to be pulled from the side in order to play anything which is more of a point about functionality than a criticism. The Switch’s screen can’t be used as a second screen but again, if you want to look at the screen in handheld mode why even use the Lynx in the first place? The Lynx delivers 1080P graphics to the TV or monitor without any problems and having it plugged it makes it so the user doesn’t have to worry about the short battery life on the hyrbid console.

For the smaller size and cheaper price of the Lynx compared to purchasing a new dock very few concessions had to be made. The wall plug in seems unnecessarily large which is unfortunate for travel but the prongs fold in which is a huge benefit. Unlike the dock there is no USB port on the Lynx so plugging in a wired controller is out of the question. Lastly, not a drawback but a point of consideration is there have been reports of other unlicensed third party peripherals bricking the Switch after being plugged into the consoles USB Type-C port. There have been no reports at the time of this writing of any cases of that happening with the Lynx or any problems personally during the review process, but that is a general caution to consider when getting any unlicensed hardware.

Continuing on the note of the Switch’s portability, Bionik also released a carrying case called the Commuter that is designed to protect the Switch and its accessories during travel. The Commuter is a nice carrying case, I actually prefer it to the one I got when the Switch was first released. The Commuter features two main compartments, one for the Switch and one for games and accessories. The plush interior helps prevent scratches on the screen, along with extra padding in the case to provide some protection to its contents. The Switch compartment fits the Switch snuggly, even with the Joy-Cons attached. The other component has a mesh pocket for additional Joy-Cons or in my case the Lynx AC adapter. There is a velcro loop for cable management and slots for eighteen Switch games.

The Commuter comes with a removable adjustable strap and a outer zippered pocket to easily attach it to a backpack strap. For a small carrying case there is an adequate amount of room for things for travel. Extra controllers and a ton of accessories wouldn’t fit but for a weekend getaway or long plane ride there is plenty of room what the essentials. The Lynx can take up a lot of real estate in the accessory compartment, so between the Switch and the games the player may have to choose between using this to transport the Lynx or other accessories.

Closing Comments:

The TV Lynx is the next best thing to bringing the Switch’s dock on the road. There are a couple minor concessions noted above, but it’s more convenient to take on roadtrips than the dock and allows for full 1080P visuals on the big screen. The Lynx is an unnecessary product for home use, but this is an extremely worthwhile accessory for Switch players who travel extensively. The Lynx does fit comfortably in the Commuter case, along with the Switch console and several games. The Commuter is a nice carrying case for the Switch in general, the padding protects the inner contents and the plush inside prevents the screen from getting scratched. The Commuter isn’t big enough to carry every Switch accessory at once, but big enough where whatever is needed for a trip can be secured inside without difficulty.