Review: Cooler Master MM720 Gaming Mouse

Modernizing classic designs is what keeps the core of hardware thriving over time. The MM720 Gaming Mouse is one of these such things as it takes a classic design and brings it to current day standards with improved hardware. Cooler Master has implemented updates across the board to this design down to the slightest detail. Keeping the MM720 lightweight is the key as it weighs in only at 49g. What makes the MM720 special is the shape of the mouse and the comfort level it provides. Once you spend time with this mouse it ranks up there with its competition for the price.

Upon pulling out the MM720 from its box, I thought I was sent a mouse designed for left-handed players. It’s shaped like a baseball gloves and it sits in your palm like a glove. Its wide base combined with the lack of weight makes the MM720 easy to maneuver. Companies have started taking on the Honeycomb Shell design to help cut back on weight and the MM720 follows suit. Comprised of a soft matte black plastic, the mouse provides a third ridge to rest your ring finger. On the opposite, the curvature of the design matches your thumb and provides two buttons for extra options. The more time I spent with this mouse, the more I came to enjoy it.

Not only does the MM720 offer the Honeycomb Shell, Cooler Master has provided protection for the mouse by including water-resistant and dust protection to the PCBA of the device. This means spills won’t be an issue for the internals. The MM720 is IP58 rated and certified. Underneath the shell is a large RGB light that illuminates through the holes along with the Cooler Master logo icon. The mouse wheel is also RGB to complete the look for the mouse. Along the bottom of the MM720 is literally a third of PFTE feet to allow for easy gliding with no hiccups. Lastly, the MM720 includes an ultra lightweight cable comprised of fiber that won’t get in the way.

The MM720 features a gaming grade optical sensor underneath the hood that comes in at 16,000 DPI. Combine that with the extremely lightweight build and this mouse is a shooting machine. In playing both Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Waraiming is extremely free-flowing, if not a bit raw. The comfort of the MM720 adds a whole other element thanks to its wide base. Cooler Master also included Optical Switches to the mouse buttons so actuation is met when contact is made with the laser. This allows for greater longevity of the buttons themselves. In terms of every day use, the MM720 can be wild to use. If you are casually doing something, the mouse is easy to use, but if you’re trying to nail the detail on something like editing or cropping photos, it can be off-putting.

While the MM720 is lightweight and comfortable, this all comes at a price. The durability of the exterior of the mouse feels in jeopardy. It seems like the wrong drop to the floor could cause some issues internally. The two thumb buttons don’t feel especially premium either. While it may be water resistant, it doesn’t seem that crash resistant. It has all the features to back up paying $50 for the mouse, but accidents can happen. The Cooler Master MasterPlus software allows for deep customization to how the mouse works. Adjusting the polling rates, the angles at which the sensor reads and a slew of other options will allow some users to get the absolute most out of this mouse. Profiles can also be stored on the mouse and customized through the software along with RGB options.

Closing Comments:

There are a ton of options here to back the fifty dollar price tag of the Cooler Master MM720 Gaming Mouse. There are also a slew of other color options that were announced for the mouse as the one provided for review was black. This modern take on the fan favorite Spawn and Xornet shapes will please those fans. The claw grip took a minute to adjust to, but the MM720 ends up being extremely comfortable to use. For gaming, the grip and the lightweight feel of the MM720 offers an excellent experience for shooters or even RTS games, but the aiming almost feels too raw when playing. The MM720 brings a unique design with some extras to create a solid gaming mouse at its price point. The main concern is the durability of the exterior, while the Optical Switches inside should provide longevity in that regard.