Review: Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray Hybrid Wireless Keyboard

Cooler Master has offered a plethora of peripherals over the years as it continues to innovate its brand. The latest gaming keyboard it’s offering is the SK622 Space Gray Hybrid Wireless Keyboard. This means you can keep the keyboard attached or you can embark in its Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The SK622 is a 60% keyboard, so it will be minimizing space in your gaming setup to leave room for other things. The review unit came with the linear mechanical switches so keyboard input will be straight to the point. This is a slick-looking keyboard and offers depth that can be sometimes overwhelming.

The SK622 is a low profile gaming keyboard and it completely embarks into that description. The height of the actual keyboard may max out at an inch near the top of its angled design. The keys are thin and sit atop the switches that help provide a wonderful under glow to the keyboard. The peaceful glow breaches the crevices between each key and provides an even and mellow lighting. Around the edge of the keyboard is a subtle RGB that wraps the entire chassis. The lighting on the keyboard won’t blind you or light up the room, but it does its job in providing an excellent look. While the color of this SK622 is Space Gray, the keyboard is mostly black due to the keys and the exterior. The brushed aluminum top plate that sits under the keys is where the naming convention for the color comes in and it allows the lighting to reflect off of this as well.

With 60% keyboards, some sacrifices have to be made to make up for the lack of keys seen in a full keyboard. The SK622 is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac, so there are some Mac keys listed on the keyboard. The volume keys are listed as secondary functions right next to the function key itself. You won’t be having to reach with one hand to opposite sides of the keyboard to adjust volume. There are a ton of secondary functions across the board. With what Cooler Master is calling the On-The-Fly system, no software is needed and everything can be done on the keyboard. Holding down the function key will highlight different options, but if you’re unaware of what you’re pressing, could dig yourself a hole. Macros can also be programmed with this keyboard from the device itself or from the Cooler Master MasterPlus software. One thing that has provided a glaring issue is the right shift key as it’s too small and I constantly miss it. If the arrow keys were shifted over and a full shift key was provided, this would have been a big help.

The keyboard chassis is lightweight on the SK622 coming at just under a pound. The weight feels just enough to keep the keyboard grounded in one place, but easy to maneuver. Inside the SK622 is a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor that provides an instant register of keystrokes. While the SK622 offers an improved technology with Bluetooth 4.0, this may still be lacking to some of the wireless technology on the market. Bluetooth 4.0 will offer less power consumption and a boost in connectivity by reducing input lag over its predecessors, but there are still risks with this. Competitive gamers looking for a wireless solution may not want to depend on this. For casual gaming use or for use with consoles, this technology will provide an improvement over previous incarnations. N-Key Rollover is present in the SK622, and if using wireless, users can switch over to a 6-key Rollover to save on battery life. The battery is a 4,000mAH battery that should offer plenty of battery life especially if lighting is disabled over wireless.

The linear switches on this keyboard are straight to the point. Each key press provides a springy feedback and there isn’t any type of feedback outside of the contact of the hit on actuation. It feels somewhat dull, but each player has their personal preference. Gaming on the keyboard did provide instantaneous feedback on each press especially when moving. Playing both Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War provided a competitive experience with precision. For every day use, the SK622 provides a fast typing experience thanks to the linear switches, but with that shift key being so small, I found myself making some corrections.

Closing Comments:

The Cooler Master SK622 Space Gray Hybrid Wireless Keyboard is beautiful with excellent lighting and gorgeous fonts. The 60% keyboard is also lightweight and easy to cart around, and thanks to an awesome felt bag the presentation upon opening the box is fantastic. The secondary functionality of the keyboard feels more for advanced users as it also features functionality for both Windows and Mac. The linear switches may be exactly what certain players are looking for, but the actuation is a bit flat. The right shift key continues to be my biggest concern with the keyboard outside of the price being a bit steep at $119.99 in comparison to some of the competition. Yes, the SK622 is touted as wireless but uses the latest Bluetooth technology, which gives it that functionality over a wired 60% keyboard but allows a lesser price from a manufacturer who has implemented its own wireless technology. The aesthetics and customization options are what shine the best with the SK622.