Review: Fosmon PS5 Dual Charging Station

There’s been difficulty in obtaining the latest hardware over the last six months. If you were fortunate to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, then you’re probably enjoying everything about next-generation gaming. The system also manages to only have one USB-A port on the front for charging the DualSense controller. Sony has offered a charging station for the DualSense controllers, but alas, these have been difficult to come by as well. A third party has offered a solution that also matches the aesthetics of the PS5 console. Fosmon, who released a Xbox One charging station that we reviewed a few years ago, has arguably created an improved solution for charging your DualSense controllers.

The Fosmon Dual Charging Station for DualSense controllers strays from the design of Sony’s charging station, but arguably for the better. The unit is lightweight and features a two-tone white and black color with the Fosmon logo on the front. Rather sitting up higher than Sony’s charging station, the Fosmon sits low at less than two inches high. The look comes complete with LED indicators at the front so you can verify if the controllers are charged and when they are done.

What separates the Fosmon is how it charges. While it supports two controllers, you won’t be plugging the controller directly into a USB-C connector that would be prone to breaking if something knocks into it. What the Fosmon offers are two removable docks that house the top part of the DualSense. They lock in via the USB-C connection and can be left on while playing since the dock doesn’t impede any of the controls nor does it change the weight. These docks have metal connectors on the back that line up with the metal connectors on the actual device. This allows freedom of movement and placement without risk of injury to the controller.

A lot of third-party manufacturers get a bad wrap for creating potential power issues with their devices. but Fosmon alleviates that with the inclusion of a built-in smart charging board. This allows for overcharge protection as the controllers will stop receiving power once they are charged. This allows for a storage solution for the controller rather than having it sit around laying prey for a cat to knock it off a table. This board also includes overheating and short circuit protection so that you can have full confidence in the charging station to not kill the DualSense battery.

Using a single USB-A connection, this is a high-speed charger. Two controllers can fully charge in about three hours. Since this is USB-A, much like the DualSense uses, it can be plugged in basically anywhere with an adapter or to a PC for charging. I always find it a pain that if my controller is close to dying and I have my front USB occupied by a headset adapter, then I basically have to stop and prioritize. While this still may be the case, this has no doubt lessened the need to do that as I always have a full charge ready. The ease of simply placing the controller in the dock when I’m not using it means I have the freedom to dedicate the one USB port on the front of the PS5 to something else.

Closing Comments:

Fosmon has developed a viable competitor to Sony’s DualSense Charging Station. The low-profile design is a nice touch and the aesthetics of the device match the console. Having the removable docks is where it shines the best as this allows for easy storage and a lack of concern of your controller or charging station breaking. The elements of power protection that have been considered for the device should alleviate any concerns for users. The Fosmon PS5 DualSense Charging Station is still taking pre-orders and it retails for $29.99 as it will be a viable competitor once available.