Review: GTR-1 Giant Tactical Rucksack

A common concern for conventions and just in general for traveling gamers is how are they going to transport all their gaming gear when they are on the go. Hardcore Gamer has covered a few good options that work for transporting the necessary items for these trips, but for the gamer that cannot be without their toys, the GTR-1 Giant Tactical Rucksack is a possible contender for ultimate gaming backpack. This massive sack is what you need when you can’t decide between bringing the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, or perhaps the entire computer tower, handheld systems, extra accessories with room for the pets and/or children. The GTR-1 has been fully funded through Kickstarter though at the time of this writing there is time left in the campaign for stretch goals. Crazzie Pro Gear sent a unit to Hardcore Gamer for evaluation purposes with the interior velcro dividers and softshell packing cube.

That may be a slight exaggeration, but this thing is huge. The main internal storage compartment accommodates up to 23″ x 23″ x 12″ which is gigantic when compared to the average backpack. In addition to the main pocket, the middle interior pocket can accommodate up to 22″ x 23″ x 8″, the front top can handle 22″ x 8″ x 4″ with the bottom front pocket holding up to 22″ x 10″ x 4″ which means there is a ton of space to haul all kinds of stuff, plus some smaller internal mesh pockets. The GTR-1 can support up to seventy pounds of content.

Jokes about transporting children and animals aside, this is a hardcore backpack with serious cargo capacity. To put the measurements in less abstract terms, this backpack looks about twice as wide as the ones linked at the beginning of this article, which are on the upper range of average-sized backpacks. An initial concern with the large main compartment was having a bunch of expensive electronics traveling unsecured, but there are optional velcro dividers that can help compartmentalize the contents, making things both more secure and more organized. There is also an optional removable cube made of polyester nylon with padded walls that can provide some extra protection. The velcro dividers work well with the bag’s interior and the cube’s interior. The cube, since it fits inside the bag, obviously has less total storage space, but it’s still able to cover most if not all of your travel electronic needs as its dimensions are 23″ x 23″ x 11″. Both the cube and dividers are optional add-on purchases.

The bag itself is constructed of military strength 900D water resistant nylon. The interior is fleece lined which works well with the velcro the dividers. The straps are made with reinforced nylon and there is wick-away mesh padding on the back and shoulders. The GTR-1 can be further customized thanks to the Molle tactical patch system and velcro strips, making it so users can add more storage with compatible pouches if they desire and velcro patches to add their own style. There are straps to secure the bag to wearer which may be desirable based on its size, as the chest and waist straps do make this feel much more secure than just letting several dozen pounds of electronics just hang off your back. The bag itself weighs about six pounds when empty, so this is some heavy duty material.

Once we get past the shock of using such a large backpack and figuring out its unique zipper configuration, this actually does everything it claims to. There was some skepticism about the velcro divider system, but it worked well keeping items separated and secure with moderately paced movement, though admittedly I wasn’t brave enough to sprint with this thing on with various consoles inside. The Xbox One and PlayStation 3 coexisted side by side with plenty of room to spare. Some very large electronics or irregularly shaped items may not work, but if someone wanted couldn’t decided between Switch, Xbox One or PlayStation 4, they could easily fit all three consoles with the needed accessories and games for a trip to a friend’s house. The amount of space to transport items in this is almost comical.

The GTR-1’s greatest strength is also its biggest drawback. This bag is great for extended excursions or trips that require a lot of gear. In addition to hauling a ton of computer equipment around, this is big enough to be a suitcase that has the hands free benefits of a backpack. The downside is this is too big for most school lockers and doesn’t even come close to matching airline carry on bag requirements, so there’s a bit of a trade off.

Closing Comments:

The GTR-1 feels like a sturdy, well-constructed backpack. While after a week of time with the backpack we can’t speak for longevity, it does feel like the GTR-1 can do some serious traveling before showing any signs of wear and tear. This is not a substitute for a regular backpack, however, but a monster designed for people that have serious cargo needs in their travel. We’re talking board games, computer towers, drones, game consoles, cameras, music gear or camping equipment. The heavy black material gives it a nice tactical look and can help keep the equipment safe through a variety of conditions. The GTR-1 might be overkill for someone looking for just a regular backpack, but this is a dream come true for anyone who finds that average backpack woefully inadequate.