Review: Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Gaming Mouse

Logitech has continued to work with eSports professionals with crafting new peripherals. Whether it be mice, keyboards or headsets, the results show for Logitech every time. Championships in League of Legends and more, the latest peripheral allowed a European Championship to be won for League of Legends. Logitech has released the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT gaming mouse. The mouse is wireless and available in both black and white, with the white version being offered for review. This mouse is quite possibly the perfect blend of comfort and weight.

The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT further pushes the light aspect with the inclusion of LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. This is Logitech’s patented wireless tech that is professional grade and next generation. You won’t notice a difference in response versus a wired setup. You also won’t be compensating for a cable being in the way. The battery is onboard the mouse and is rated at lasting seventy hours. I haven’t even come close to having to recharge this mouse.

The sensor that Logitech has included is the upgraded HERO 25K. This allows for the accuracy and precision that Logitech mice typically offer. This is all housed in a shell that weighs only 63 grams that doesn’t require compensating the exterior with holes. Instead, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT offers a smooth and soft shell that is extremely comfortable to hold. The mouse is fully symmetrical in design and includes a mouse wheel with thin rubber for grip and interior spokes to help trim the fat. Five buttons that include two on the side are used for customizing along with a SUPERLIGHT logo on the opposite side and the Logitech G logo on the palm rest.

In terms of usage, acceleration and movement is further assisted by the inclusion of zero-additive PFTE feet on the bottom. These aren’t spread out, as nearly the top third of the surface has one of the feet, then a small oval around the sensor and a long curve along the bottom. The weight allows for easy and smooth movement. The only real issue I had with gaming involved far reaches on the mousepad. Using this in shooters like Apex Legends and Doom Eternal netted an extreme ease-of-use that was mixed with the comfort of the feel of the mouse itself.

If the weight of the mouse isn’t to your liking, Logitech has included the option to insert its 10 gram weight underneath the mouse. This may help keep it in place a bit better, but I don’t believe it will affect the overall feel of it if you decide to add this. The PRO X SUPERLIGHT also features an on-board profile, but strangely there’s no option to change it or any DPI settings. With the option of having a 100-25,000 DPI selection, the option to remove this may have been focused on the weight. There’s also no RGB options with this mouse, but if you choose the white version, you will truly appreciate the overall look as it’s a great-looking and feeling peripheral. The mouse also includes a click tensioning system, but using the mouse buttons feels minimal. It does give a solid response when clicking both of the main buttons plus there’s minimal response in actuation. The two buttons on the side do have a bit more of a gap and require slightly more effort to depress.

Closing Comments:

The Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT accomplishes what it sets out to do. This is a superlight mouse that doesn’t require the need of creating holes in its shell. Instead, it maintains an elegant visual integrity especially with the white version. The exterior is smooth and soft as it’s truly pleasurable to hold. It offers enough buttons along with high-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless and the HERO 25K sensor for accuracy. The only issue comes with the inability to change DPI settings on the fly and the lack of any RGB, but some may provide that. While designed by eSports professionals, the price on this feels high coming in at $149.99. It lacks the bells and whistles for that asking price, but actually playing with this mouse will help you quickly forget about those extras.