Review: Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset

Logitech has introduced a new gaming headset with a focus on lightweight comfort while adding to its official Color Collection line of peripherals. The G335 takes styling cues from the G733 headset, which was the first headset included in the Logitech G Color Collection. This new creative direction from Logitech has been a breath of fresh air as these peripherals allow for customization and the mixing and matching of different color schemes that will add life to creator streams and gaming setups. The G335 is no exception with this as it comes in black, white and the newly-announced mint. While the G335 is on the budget friendly side, it keeps things simple and offers a gaming-grade headset that may still be too steep on its pricing.

The mint color scheme offers a soft green that doesn’t look much like the ice cream flavor you picture, but more of an almost sea green color. The default color setup includes lilac ear cups and the headband offers a combination of both the mint and lilac with some yellow included. If it was a bit more vibrant, it would be pretty 1990s-esque. Logitech offers different color bands for $9.99 to offer players different options to freshen up the look. Much like having RGB on a headset, however, it’s not something that the player will personally see when wearing, but this color collection will stand out more on camera for streamers and it does add aesthetics to a specific theme that players are looking for on their setups.

Most of the exterior of the G335 is comprised of a matte plastic with the headrest being flexible. The ring around the ear cup is slick, however, as that is the only portion that isn’t matte. The microphone that’s offered is Discord Certified, and the audio quality offers solid communication where others can easily hear you concisely. The microphone does seem short, but this may depend on the person. If this is for a younger person, it should be fine. Even with the lack of length, the microphone had no issues picking up the audio despite Windows telling me different. It also offers a flip-to-mute option to easily stop the audio. The microphone does easily blend and flex for better placement options.

Outside of the color scheme, the big caveat for the G335 is its weight. It weighs in at only 240 grams and is one of the lightest headsets I’ve ever used. The weight is evenly distributed and when this is combined with the suspension design and the adjustable elastic headband, there won’t be any fatigue from wearing the headset long-term. In fact, the flexibility and the weight helps to offer a ton of durability for the G335. The ear cups are made of cloth and why they may sit softly on your ears, the quality of the cloth is left lacking. Yes, the combination of all these aspects offer a comfortable experience, but you won’t be getting the same type of comfort that you would with a premium headset, but that comes with the price point of the G335. I feel the comfort offers enough to get by, but some other headsets in this price range may offer a better feeling depending on the person.

The sound quality is driven by 40 mm neodymium drivers that offer a solid theater-like effect. While you won’t be getting any type of position audio or other advanced audio technology, the quality comes off as soft and clear. When the bass hits, it isn’t overwhelming, but the G335 provides a large distinction. This all further adds to the comfort aspect for long-time wearers. The G335 also only offers a volume roller on the headset as it is minimalist. While the G335 is a stereo headset, it’s compatible with Dolby and Windows Sonic Surround. The 3.5 mm jack means that the headset can be used for basically any console or platform.

Closing Comments:

The Color Collection from Logitech has offered entry level peripherals across the board so that gamers can easily access these items. With the G733 previously being the only headset in the Color Collection and it also being the highest price, the Logitech G335 wired gaming headset is an excellent choice for those looking to get a theme going. The selling point for the G335 is that it’s part of the Color Collection and that it’s lightweight. The audio quality offers a gaming experience both from the drivers and the mic. It hits all the check marks, but it doesn’t do anything special. If you’re not concerned with the color customization aspect, there are other headsets on the market that do more for the retail price of $69.99 as this seems overpriced for what is offered.