Review: Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Headset

Logitech continues to offers gamers a variety of headsets to cater to specific needs. The newly-announced Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Headsets offers a ton of technology for a budget-friendly price. When it comes to Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED technology, this fast wireless tech is normally geared towards more premium headsets or other accessories. Logitech is also including low latency Bluetooth connectivity on the G435 as well to add a ton of versatility outside of just gaming on a PC. The G435 sits in a strange place based on price, however, as it isn’t completely in that budget range and misses on a few aspects.

Last year, Logitech jumped on adding some color personality to its line of products. The G435 adds this with the option of three color options: Black & Neon Yellow, Blue & Raspberry, and Off-White and Lilac. These color schemes have always come off as a soft with a matte and calming look, and these three options fall in line with that. The one that was sent for review was the Black & Neon Yellow, and honestly I was expecting more yellow. Outside of the speaker connection cabling and the buttons, the majority of it is back where as the other two options seem to have a better balance of colors. Having said that, the G435 is still a great looking headset.

There is, however, a difference of looking and a difference in holding. The G435 is certified CarbonNeutral with a minimum of 22% of recycled plastic. The headset is also lightweight weighing in at only 5.8 ounces (165g), which means with the wireless option of the headset, this makes not only taking this headset with you easy but it also sits lightly around your head. But a closer look and then holding the G435 will remind you that it’s geared towards the budget pricing.

The ear cups and exterior of the G435 is comprised of a matte plastic with eliminated accents included. The ear cups are designed to slide up and down for a better fit. Across the top of the headset is a cloth head strap with minimal padding, while the ear cup pads are also comprised of this same nylon or cloth fabric. All of this keeps the weight down on the headset as it fits nicely over your head, but the cloth isn’t too comfortable. The buttons that control the volume, mute the mic, and power the device look more budget up close as well.

As for the audio, Logitech has gone the route with the G435 of removing the microphone arm. This is a nice perk for storage and the lack of having to keep up with a detachable arm and losing it. What is here are dual beamforming microphones to hone in on speech input. The G435 is Discord-Certified, but using in any type of environment with background noise garnered issues with others hearing you. Even in recording, there was a static background noise in general as the voice was heightened, but there seemed to be a good bit of interference and this was with using the LIGHTSPEED wireless rather than the Bluetooth.

The aspect of the G435 that purely shines and is the most important thing about the headset is the audio quality. The headset features 40mm audio drivers and delivers theater quality audio that is comforting to your ears. The lows are calming and shine on the G435 while the mid-level audio blends seamlessly. Whether it be explosions in the background or just listening to music, the audio offers excellent quality for the price of the G435. Software such as Tempest 3D Audio Tech, Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic are compatible with the headset to provide surround sound.

Logitech has included an optional max volume limiter to help with ear fatigue. Without using this, after about two hours, ear fatigue will set in. This was mainly with music as compared to gaming, but this is a great headset to use for listening to music. With up to eighteen hours of battery life, there’s plenty of time for doing multiple sessions of gaming or listening. This is on the Bluetooth side of things, though, as using the LIGHTSPEED came in at a little less than eighteen.

Closing Comments:

The Logitech G435 offers a solid amount of options for the $79.99 asking price, with some misses thrown in. The design looks nice and having color options brings some more to the table. It is upon closer inspection that the budget aspect comes into play, but the ultra lightweight versatility of the G435 will help counteract that. The dual beamforming microphone will probably work best in a small environment with minimal noise, but I wouldn’t use it on a Zoom meeting in a public environment. What does justify the $79.99 price point is the audio experience. There are arguably better quality headsets for a better price out there, but they lack the versatility the G435 offers.

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