Review: Logitech G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Keyboard

Logitech continues to look for new ways to innovative gaming peripherals, especially when it comes to e-sports. Last year, Logitech thought outside the box and introduced the G915 LIGHTSPEED Keyboard and included all of the bells and whistles that Logitech is known for. This keyboard featured LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology, full on RGB configuration options, bluetooth options and a new low profile design that is super thin and housed in an aluminum finish. The price was a bit high on the G915, but there was enough technology involved to help warrant that purchase. Logitech has now shortened the keyboard and introduced the G915 TKL, which means tenkeyless. The number pad has been eliminated to help make the G915 TKL possibly the best portable keyboard on the market.

All of what made the original G915 special has carried over to the G915 TKL. Players again have the choice between three of Logitech’s mechanical switches: Linear, Tactile and Clicky. Logitech provided the G915 TKL with Tactile switches for our review, which provides the balance between smooth strokes and clicky feedback. The keystrokes are not loud at all and provide solid feedback when typing. The flow of using the keyboard for typing feels a bit more compact than the previous G915, but obviously this is a smaller design. The G915 TKL does feature two keyboard stands on the rear of the case, but even at its highest adjustment, still sits extremely low. This is most likely due to how thin the keyboard is in comparison to regular keyboards.

The volume wheel returns from the G915 and it’s smaller in width. Four media buttons sit to the left of the wheel while a LIGHTSPEED button, bluetooth button, Game Mode button and brightness adjustment sit on the upper left hand side of the keyboard. The design is still in line with the original G915 on the TKL. The Logitech G logo is illuminated above the Escape key, while each key cap is basically designed as a thin table top. Each cap has a smooth feeling matte finish and illuminate light through the symbols and crevices. The RGB won’t blind you, but it offers a complete package. It took me a minute to adjust to not having the number pad on the right, but the extra desk space is something that I didn’t appreciate until it was there.

LIGHTSYNC from Logitech via the Logitech Gaming Hub allows for 16.8 million color combinations to be programmed. Logitech has recently updated the software to allow for customizable animations and schemes and all of this can be done with the G915 TKL. Since this keyboard is wireless, battery may initially be a concern. Luckily, Logitech has erased those fears and promises fourty hours on a full charge. The G915 TKL can be used as a wired keyboard while it does charge and also promises a full charge within 40 hours. The 40 hours of battery life is with 100% brightness factored in and when the keyboard isn’t in use, it goes to sleep which also adds life. So technically, that 40 hours can be doubled. The LIGHTSPEED wireless is also measured at 1 millisecond response time, which is pro-grade wireless. You won’t notice a difference between wireless and wired input.

The portability of the G915 TKL is its best asset and hidden in plain sight. On top of it being wireless, it can be used with multiple connections on-the-fly via bluetooth. The LIGHTSPEED wireless adapter can be tucked underneath the keyboard in the assigned slot. The omission of the number pad brings the length of the keyboard to just over fifteen inches. Couple that with the width of the G915 TKL at just under six inches and the height at less than an inch, it’s easy to just carry this keyboard wherever you need. With the weight at just over 28 ounces plus the battery factor, the G915 TKL easily has the best portability factor on the market without having to sacrifice any of the design or technology.

Closing Comments:

While I’m one to use a number pad on a keyboard, I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would on the G915 TKL. Instead, it made me appreciate how well Logitech condensed this keyboard while keeping what made the full G915 so special. The volume wheel is simple and instantly responsive, and the battery life basically means you will rarely be charging this. The key caps are tight and compact and for use in gaming worked flawlessly whether you were playing a RTS or a FPS. The portability is where the G915 TKL stands out as it’s durable, light and small. With three choices of mechanical switches to purchase, the G915 TKL lines up just as well as the original G915. The retail price is a little bit lower at $229.99, but that’s still asking a lot for a keyboard. In comparison to the original G915, however, the portability options with the G915 TKL better justify this price as a better deal to the original G915, especially if you don’t need the number pad.