Review: Marsback Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse

Back in 2020, Marsback launched a Kickstarter campaign for a most intriguing device: the Marsback Zephyr Gaming Mouse. This was a lightweight gaming mouse with a built-in fan to keep palms cool. Since then, the company kept working on the concept and now released an upgraded version. This is the Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse which iterates upon the basic concept. This latest version ensures this is both fun and functional mouse.

The Zephyr Pro stands out straight away with its design. The first thing anyone is bound to notice is the open back design which showcases the LED fan front and center. The cutouts in the black (or white) plastic extend a bit beyond the palm area to the left and right buttons, as well as on the left and right sides of the mouse. In keeping with the light form factor, the bottom of the mouse also features many cutouts. In total, the mouse weighs just 75 grams. It’s not as light as some other gaming mice, but it strikes a balance between being lightweight and not so light that it feels cheap.

Perhaps the number one question regarding this mouse is how the fan works, and if it’s effective. By default the fan runs constantly at a set speed. There’s not a way to adjust it manually, only turn it off if desired. With that said, the speed it runs at seems sufficient to produce a gentle cooling effect which radiates off the mouse. Some say they can’t feel the sensation of the fan, but it seems working just fine in our testing. When tested in a non-air conditioned room, the cool air blown from the fan is immediately noticeable on the palm, thumb, and even on the index and middle fingers gripping the mouse.

The original Marsback Zephyr mouse’s biggest complaint was that the fan vibrated and was louder than expected. The Zephyr Pro removes the issue of vibration entirely. It never feels like the mouse is vibrating in any capacity. There’s a light hum produced by the mouse’s fan, though. If you have headphones on, are listening to audio, or have a decently audible PC though then any of these will drown out the hum. In a quiet room you’ll be able to hear it, but eventually tune it out. Just like the original, the mouse is still wired with a 1.8 meter / over 5 foot cable with USB type-A connector.

The mouse also includes the effectively required RGB lighting of modern gaming peripherals. There’s a strip of lighting all around the bottom of the mouse. The fan also has a large circle of lighting underneath it. Finally, the scroll wheel features two thin bars of light on each side. By default they light up in a rainbow pattern. Using the accompanying Marsback software, you can swap between other color options and modes, or turn the lights off entirely. Color settings include the effect type, speed of effect and colors to use. There is space for up to five different profiles.

Mouse profiles also include the ability to change the key bindings. This is a relatively streamlined gaming mouse without a ton of function keys. There are the left and right click buttons and scroll wheel (which also clicks in). Then there’s the DPI button in the center and two buttons on the left of the mouse. Buttons can also trigger a macro which you’ll define in the software similar as you might in Microsoft Excel. First, tell the software to record your actions. Then you can modify or move each recorded actions until your desired macro is built. It’s a handy feature for anyone who currently lacks macro trigger functionality in their mouse or keyboard of choice.

Speed is another key feature of interest to PC gamers. Fortunately there are adjustable DPI settings and it goes anywhere from 100 to 16,000 DPI. The Zephyr Pro uses the Pixart PMW3389 sensor and features a tracking speed of 400 IPS. Finally, the buttons are Omron mechanical switches which are rated to last for fifty million clicks.

Closing Comments:

It’s clear that Marsback didn’t sacrifice gaming functionality as part of creating their unique, fairly-priced Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse. While set with a retail price of $99, Marsback are currently offering the Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse at $59 on their website. Be sure to check it out if the concept of a fan on your mouse sounds like a great addition to your PC peripherals.