Review: Razer Viper V2 Pro Gaming Mouse

Razer has a history of bringing a variety of peripherals to the market that showcase a specific usage for its userbase then improving on with subsequent versions. The company has now done this with its excellent Razer Viper model with the Viper V2 Pro Gaming Mouse. The second version of the Viper focuses on eSports competition by eliminating any of the visual glitz and glamour and bringing in an ultra-lightweight mouse that’s low profile and focuses on performance. Razer has included the previous technology that was seen in the Viper and doubling down in some areas to make the Viper V2 Pro the best competitive mouse on the market.

The Viper V2 Pro keeps its ambidextrous shape while removing its ambidextrous ability. The curvature still perfectly adheres to the palm, but removes the two buttons on the right making this specifically a right-handed mouse. The DPI and power button have been merged into one button and it lacks the ability to charge with a dock. All of this is in an attempt to make this mouse weigh 20% less than the previous model as the focus is purely on performance. It’s low profile, available in black or white, and features no RGB or lighting outside of the DPI setting notification under the mouse wheel. Some may consider this a double-edged sword, but this mouse is geared towards a specific market.

The mouse weighs in at 58 grams and also includes Razer HyperSpeed Technology allowing for up to 1000hz polling rate for ultimate wireless performance. Along with an extended battery life rated at 80 hours that’s rarely going to need charging due to the lack of any RGB, there are other updated technologies that are encompassed in this feather. Razer has included its latest Focus+ Pro 30K Sensor, which allows for 99.8% accuracy along with faster acceleration, speed and sensitivity. 30000 DPI is a lot, but it’s there if you need it. The default DPI setting on the mouse maxes out at 6400 and that’s more than enough for the average gamer. The Focus+ portion of the sensor focuses on AI for asymmetrical cut off and measuring lifting points of the mouse. Smart Tracking allows the mouse to adjust to different surfaces to maximize performance. The Motion Sync allows for 1-to-1 transfers to your PC for precise input. There’s a lot in the Viper V2 Pro to give players a competitive advantage.

While the shape remains the same, the exterior is now rugged to provide for better grip and to help trim down the fat. Razer has also included its third generation Optical Switches that gets an increase to 90 million clicks along with the elimination of double-clicking issues, debounce and improved tactility. The team behind the mouse also reshaped the PTFE feet at the bottom to allow for better gliding. This mouse weighs so little that you can blow on it and it’ll move a couple of inches. This also means that it can get easily knocked over and it’s so light, it feels like it could break. The few “crash tests” that the cat initiated have proven well, though.

The MVP of the VALORANT Champions Tour set the record with this prototype with 35 Kills. Marved of the OpTiC Gaming Team also won the tournament. From personal experience jumping on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Halo: Infinite, there was no doubt an improvement to my K/D ratio. This mouse requires such minimal effort for the slightest of aim. It also doesn’t overcompensate for movement as both games allowed for maximum accuracy while aiming for ultimate precision. You could literally bounce the Viper V2 Pro between your thumb and ring finger and it starts and picks up with no issues. For fast shooters, this is especially the one if you’re looking to have an advantage in tournament play. The movement is just so smooth, fluid and precise that is also felt great to use in Age of Empires IV.

Closing Comments:

Technology-wise, there’s a lot here with the Razer Viper V2 Pro gaming mouse. The look of the mouse isn’t going to stick out, but that isn’t what this thing is about. Unfortunately, the biggest knock comes down to the price as it retails for $149.99. It goes in line with a lot of Razer products including the Viper Ultimate still going for that on the website, but is available for much less on other sites. The Ultimate is such a well-rounded mouse that it can justify that price. The Viper V2 Pro is geared specifically towards competitive gamers, but in hindsight if you’re looking for a mouse like this so you can play in tournaments, then it can be argued the price is justifiable. There are other ultra-lightweight mice out there, but those mice do not have what’s under the hood of the Viper V2 Pro.

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