Review: SPOGS Racing

Is it 1995? Oh…it’s not? So why is there a video game that was just released based on pogs? See, I could have sworn that pogs were a 90s fad that died in the same Rubbermaid coffin under my bed as my Yo-yo collection. Apparently, developer Pronto Games feels like 2008 is the right time to capitalize on the cardboard disc craze that is just oh so hip with the kids.

SPOGS Racing is a racing game about pogs. Go ahead and take a second to let that sink in. Ready to go on? Alright, good. The pogs are just floating in the middle of a tire. There are no racecars or karts, just tires. Tires with pogs floating in them, complete with a muffler sticking out of the tire. Moving past the whole physically impossible thing, we are presented with a high speed racing game. To race, you literally just hold down the 2 button and turn every so often.


There really aren’t any real driving mechanics here. The game’s tracks include stunning environments such as a dirt road with the same exact palm tree to your left or right every 4 seconds.

But let’s not forget the stunning NASCAR style track, which is complete with little pog people in the audience and odd lines in the road that are either glitches or a sad attempt at detail.

It’s a pretty good diversion that makes the game feel meatier, but the bulk of the game is in the 1 Player Hard and Easy modes.

The graphics of SPOGS Racing are simply insulting. This looks like a game that would have been released in 1996. Hell, maybe it should have! At least then it would have been relevant. The music is god awful midi-sounding tunes that are sure to make you leave the game feeling like you’ve just been punched in the head a few times. The sound effects are just as awful. If you’ve ever mistakenly stepped on a cat, the sound the poor feline makes is very reminiscent of the engine sound that never stops blaring in SPOGS Racing.


Closing Comments:

Nothing about this game is good. It’s one of the most horrible games ever made. If this was a free Mini-Clip game, I’d heavily advise against playing it. But the fact that this shovelware piece of crap costs $10 is simply disgusting.
Version Reviewed: Wii (WiiWare)

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