Review: The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon

The Outer Worlds was the standout action RPG of 2019. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, comparisons to Fallout New Vegas were almost obligatory due to the high replayability because of the way the player can develop their unique character and play style allowing subsequent playthroughs to be different experiences. That and the dark humor, interesting variety of NPC and overall solid game mechanics and entertaining story. Almost a year later we get our first narrative DLC in the form of The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon, giving us reason to power up the Unreliable.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon can be accessed after the completion of the Radio Free Monarch. Like the base game, multiple playthroughs and playstyles are encouraged to experience all the content Peril on Gorgon has to offer which also includes multiple endings and side quests. This content cannot be accessed during the finale or post game, but any existing file prior to that should work, and it doesn’t take too long to get through the Radio Free Monarch missions if starting a new game to experience the DLC.

Peril on Gorgon has a classic film noir to it. Of course, with this being The Outer Worlds this doesn’t start with a leggy dame wandering into the Unreliable while you’re trying to enjoy a cigarette and whiskey. The invitation to the asteroid Gorgon comes in the form of receiving a package containing a detective’s severed arm with a message. This prompts the player to travel to the Spacer’s Choice facility on Gorgon and learn that something happened that led to a mass evacuation that ended up leaving many workers behind. And marauders. Lots of marauders.

Peril on Gorgon
wouldn’t have the classic film noir feel without mystery solving involved and that’s where Wilhemina Ambrose gets involved. The wealthy heiress needs the player to put on their detective hat to solve the mystery of Project Gorgon and clear her family name. She’s among many of the interesting NPCs that occupy Gorgon. The memorable NPCs were among the strong points of The Outer Worlds and we’re pleased to note that this is an asset that continues with the expansion. As the story progresses the player discovers clues and information that not only answer questions that were introduced in the DLC but also leads to a greater understanding of some of the elements of The Outer Worlds as a whole. The gameplay of Peril on Gorgon isn’t that different than the original game. No major changes are added to the format, which as far as this writer is concerned is perfectly fine. The one noticeable difference is that the Adrena-Time injectors are much more commonplace than they were originally.

Completing the main story and side quests takes about eight hours, give or take. Considering the length of the original game this is a meaty chunk of DLC and the option to experience the content differently on subsequent playthroughs does increase its value. In addition to adding some major narrative content to the story, the level cap has increased to 33. There are new characters to interact with, new weapons and armor along with new perks and flaws to further customize your character.

Closing Comments:

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon adds an engaging new story to The Outer Worlds. The new content, save for the new location to explore, doesn’t change up the formula too much but that’s absolutely fine. With a game like The Outer Worlds more of the same is a good thing. The new story content seamlessly weaves into the main story and feels like a natural extension of what was already there. The time to complete The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon is enough where it feels like a worthwhile extension but doesn’t overstay its welcome and is the perfect reason to get back into The Outer Worlds.