Review: Turtle Beach Elite Pro – PC Edition

Sound has always been an integral part of gaming, and with the rise in popularity of eSports and just hardcore competitive gaming in general, a good sound system can now be a factor in a player’s chance of success in addition to just enhancing the enjoyment of the audio. Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro – PC Edition was designed from the ground up with the eSports athlete in mind, intended to deliver crystal clear audio and bring up the low frequencies to increase the player’s awareness of nearby threats that may otherwise go unnoticed.  The Elite Pro is a high end headset designed to give eSports athletes a competitive edge or just be a great sound system for those who just play at recreationally home.

It is probably a fair assumption that most readers of this site have had some gaming sessions that have taken up the majority of their day, and anything being worn for a long period of time needs to be comfortable. The Elite Pro – PC Edition has taken this account and took some steps to ensure maximum comfort. The ComforTec Fit System allows players to adjust the tension of the headset to their personal level of preferred tightness. A floating headband is included to evenly distribute the headset’s weight which is separate from the head-size adjustment. This means that for the first time the Elite Pro allows separate control of the ear-cup position and the headband tension. Aerofit Ear Cushions feature smooth Asahi spandex fabric combined with unique, cooling gel-infused memory foam keeps players comfortable. Separate internal and external leather sidewalls provide passive noise isolation for blocking out the roar of the crowd, as well as deeper bass response for better sound.

Glasses wearers have traditionally been at a disadvantage when it came to over ear headsets, which is another factor Turtle Beach took into consideration with the design of the Elite Pro. The ProSpecs Glasses Relief System allows for an easy adjustment to create a small channel in the ear cushion to allow players to comfortably wear their glasses with this headset, whether they be prescription, gaming glasses, or sunglasses. Okay, no one should wear sunglasses while playing a video game but for the sake of testing this feature with a variety of different glasses frames I tried it out with a few different pairs (much to the amusement of the spouse) and I was able to play in comfort with regardless of what frames I was wearing. I spent a considerable amount of time wearing this with several different games and other computers apps and it never reached a level of discomfort.

The Elite Pro – PC Edition is a versatile piece of equipment. It is designed with the PC eSports athlete in mind, but it also works fine with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile/tablet devices. It features both a plug in for a 3.5 mm input and a USB plug in. The 3.5 mm can go into any standard headphone jack, such as an iPod or console controller, but plugging the included USB amp into a PC is where the Elite Pro really shines. The 50 mm Nanoclear Speakers are designed to deliver crystal clear chat functions with reduced distortion so every command is heard perfectly. This is paired with Turtle Beach’s Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak technology so any commands given by the player will be just as clear as what they are hearing.

Taking advantage of the USB amp allows the player to realize the full potential of what kind of sound the Elite Pro can deliver. DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound allows every sound to be located with pinpoint accuracy in a full 3D, 360 degree range. Custom surround sound modes are available to maximize the level of immersion to individual taste in regards to games, movies, and music. Any albums that were specifically mixed for surround sound or artists that are known for going a bit nuts with multi tracking sound phenomenal through the Elite Pro. The two albums I felt like listening to during this review were Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral and Nightwish Vehicle of Spirit and both sounded significantly better than they do with regular headphones. Specifically, a lot of the background tracks that can be buried in the mix were more prominent, giving the songs a richer sound and allowing for a greater appreciation of all the moving parts that are present.

On the note of hearing sounds low in the mix, that brings us to the Superhuman Hearing feature. When this setting is activated the player essentially gets a Daredevil level of heightened hearing, where all the subtle sounds that are easy to miss are brought up in the mix. Opponents that rely on stealth, like trying to sneak up on a player’s six for a knife attack or charging a gun in the distance for an ambush will no longer fall on deaf ears. This coupled with the surround sound will alert the player to the location of these wannabe ninjas, giving them in an edge in tense matches.

Closing Comments
The Elite Pro – PC Edition is an impressive headset. The level of care that went into comfort resulted in a headset that can be worn for hours at time comfortably, and the leather sidewalls excel at blocking out noise, meaning the pleas from the pets to be fed went unheard, allowing me to play Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem in peace. They can afford to miss a few meals anyway. Using the 3.5 mm jack, the Elite Pro is an adequate headset that delivers whatever the device its plugged into is capable of pumping out. Plugging the USB amp into a PC is where the Elite Pro can flex its muscles, and whether used for competitive eSports gaming, casual gaming, music or movies, this will greatly enhance the sound in addition to giving a competitive edge in online gaming. The Elite Pro – PC Edition comes with a suggested retail price of $199.95, which is within the standard range for high end headsets. Running this headset through a variety of games and music, the Elite Pro – PC Edition has proven it is of high enough quality to justify its price point.