3 out of 10: Season 2 Getting More Out of Hand with Release Date Trailer

Making games isn’t easy, and that’s as true for the highest-end AAA release as it is for mid- and low-range titles.  It’s a fairly huge miracle that anything ever actually gets released, much less completed, and normally this is done through endless focused work hours.  Shovelworks Studios has a couple of extra problems making the task even more difficult than normal, however.  First up, there’s a mysterious figure determined to ensure they never release a good game, and they’re exerting an unknown level of control over one of the Shovelworks team to make sure of this.  The bigger issue is that the studio’s world is a sitcom, and that means development is a series of episodes where reasonable situations go completely insane, helped in no small part by a team that’s not good at faking Normal on the best of days.

Season One of 3 out of 10 released last fall, five weekly episodes that could be fully played in about 45 minutes apiece.  Each episode played out just like a modern sitcom, with the weekly plot bringing the madness while the overarching story slowly developed and got stranger as it went.  Midge is a new employee at Shovelworks Studios, and it’s taking a bit to get used to the tentacles in the fridge, the engineers’ basement lair, coworkers who can best be described as “colorful”, and of course the stresses of trying to develop a game that’s chief innovation is providing an end to an endless-runner.  It’s a lot to come to grips with even before the sabotage is taken into account, not to mention rampaging fans, a trip to the intern college, and an office nerf-gun fight that just keeps escalating.  Each episode moves along with story bits broken up by various mini-games kicked off by the plot, each one unique, and the second season is sticking to the formula even as the plot gets deeper and the games more game-ier.

Season Two does bring with it one change, though, and that’s to the release schedule.  Being modeled after a tv show in five episodes, 3 out of 10 hammered the format home by releasing at a rate of one a week.  The new season, while keeping the episode format, drops all at once on April 8, perfect for a day of binge watching gaming.  Like Season One, Season Two will also be completely free, so if you haven’t played it yet now would be a good time to catch up.  If you’re ready for whatever Season Two may bring, however, here’s a brand-new trailer to tease the weirdness of the upcoming new episodes.