30XX Now Available in Early Access

Just recently, we talked about 30XX, Batterystaple Games’ upcoming sequel to their Mega Man X/Zero-inspired roguelike action-platformer, 20XX. We discussed the tighter gameplay, how the new Mega mode was refreshing, the improved visuals, and that the game really felt like a sequel that truly built upon the original. There was such a notable amount of praise that it might have overshadowed the fact the game is actually available to purchase right now in Early Access. And with this Early Access launch comes a new trailer, which you can check out below.

Featuring a nifty bit of animation, the Early Access launch trailer provides a bit of what to expect, as our protagonist Nina dies at the hands of one of the game’s Guardians, thus establishing the game’s challenge level. Luckily, with a little help from Ace in a bit that highlights the game’s co-op mode, they stand a chance at striking the blow they need against their foe. 30XX also boasts different playstyles for each character, new items, levels, and powers with every game, and even a level editor, all in a package that would make the Blue Bomber proud. 30XX is available now in its Early Access state on PC, with a ten percent discount on Steam that lasts until February 24.