Getting Home from Work Gets a Lot Harder in The Plane Effect

Sometimes it’s the more unusual premise, or at least that which doesn’t look to be housing anything particularly interesting, that can often surprise and be far more than expected. That at least is the hope with developers Studio Kiku and Innovina Interactive’s joint effort in the latest dystopian-esque effort that revolves around the simple concept of finishing one’s final day of work. The Plane Effect revolves around Solo, a lonely office worker, whose final trip back home — to his family, or at least it’s implied as such — turns out not to be as straight-forward and ordinary, as it may seem.

The Plane Effect describes itself as a mind-bending adventures that looks to toy with one’s grip of reality and distorting the balance of time and space. So expect some odd occurrences and puzzle-solving to pop up in a game whose primary color, is the bleakest and darkest of black’s with the ocassional hum and glow of light along the way. The Plane Effect is planned to release across PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch & PC later this year.