8-Bit Super Hiking League DX Now Available

Hiking is a great form of exercise as you get to explore the wonders of nature. But you really can’t enjoy it if an evil wizard plans on flattening the Earth! That’s the plot of Super Hiking League DX and it’s up to you to quash that scheme.

Using elastic rope physics, players attempt to make their way upwards on various levels. Reaching the goal rewards you with magical gems to defeat the wizard. Grapple onto a spot to advance but watch out for dangerous enemies and other adventurers. It has a split-screen view to take on friends or AI in various modes. Graphics are beautifully pixelated and have 8-bit music that all really call back nostalgic video games.

You can make the climb now a Super Hiking League DX is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the trailer below for a look at the action.