A Bit of the Action-Roguelike Ultraviolence in Raspberry Mash Release Trailer

Kids are always going to be overdramatic. It’s completely unavoidable so they might as well embrace it as the protagonist of Raspberry Mash has.  She’s vowed to get vengeance on God, and has sacrificed her left arm to a gloopy red demon-looking thing in pursuit of the power necessary to extract her revenge.  She’s so very edgy she’s in danger of cutting herself, but there’s no question she’s also getting results.  Picking up any weapon she can find, or anything that might be able to be used as a weapon for that matter, the girl sets off into the randomized dungeons to shoot, bludgeon, stab, slice, explode, and generally eviscerate anything that’s made the poor life decision to stand between her and the gods.

Raspberry Mash released on Switch today with a launch trailer to show off its cute & bloody pixel-art violence.  Like any good roguelike there’s more going on than just random dungeons, and specifically the weapons the girl can wield come in a huge variety of forms.  Hammers are great for heavy close-range attacks, the rocket launcher is always a classic, spears are pleasantly stabby, and the swordfish just can’t be pleasant to take a hit from.  It’s a big dungeon and more than happy to go full-on bullet hell, especially when the bosses let loose.  Give the trailer a watch below to get a taste of Raspberry Mash’s systems in action, and see what happens when teenage drama lets loose on a world of monsters.

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