A Month Later Little Nightmares II Already Passes A Million Sold

In the space of an exact month to the day of its original release, Tarsier Studio’s unsettling return to the world of Little Nightmares with this year’s sequel, has done one better and reached the million mile-stone much faster than its originator. Commendable it certainly was to see the first game pass the mark back in August 2018 — more than a year after the original released across PS4, Xbox One & PC — Little Nightmares II has undoubtedly trumped those former achievements. The game currently available for those same platforms plus the Nintendo Switch as well as Stadia.

In total, with the two games added up, the series has now reached more than five million players. Which should come as no surprise as to how the sequel has found a large-enough player-base to begin with; this year’s sequel doing a terrific job at following on from the 2017 title, while adding to it both in delivery as much the addition of co-op player-character Mono, who tags along with protagonist Six, from the first game. Little Nightmares II will also be coming to current-gen system via PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year.