A Tale of Paper Shapes Up for Cross-Platform Release

Originally released last year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, A Tale of Paper will soon be making its debut on most other platforms. This won’t be just a straight port though, as Open House games is crafting three brand new prequel chapters complete with a new character and different abilities just for the occasion. Naturally, the original PS4 version will be getting the new content as well.

A Tale of Paper is a puzzle-platformer that follows the story of “Line:” a strange, paper being that can transform itself using origami. Line can take the shape of a frog, a bird and a rocket among other things, and it’s going to have to use every trick at its disposal in order to achieve its goal and fulfill its creator’s dream. Those interested can actually try out A Tale of Paper’s demo right now on Steam. Just look for it in the Future Games Show section.

A Tale of Paper releases in Q3/Q4 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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