Absolver Creators Announce Sifu, a New Martial Arts Action Game

Giving off some pretty serious Oldboy vibes at the outset, the trailer for Sifu shows us a beautiful, rough-around-the-edges art style with convincing animation that appears to capture very well the pent-up, barely-controlled kinetics of classic Kung Fu.

In the game, players take control of a Kung Fu student out for vengeance, after witnessing the murder of their family at a young age. The quest is said to take place in suburbs, the dark underbelly of a city, and in the halls of business skyscrapers. The game promises intense beat ’em up action with 3D adventure, with a twist. The twist in the game comes in the form of a magical pendant which has the power to bring your character back to life — but with the caveat that each time you return to the world of the living, you will find yourself aged. And there’s no grace in the years put on, as the trailer shows the main character becoming ever more ragged, growing an unkempt beard, hair hanging in loose shag and a barely-held-together top-knot. As the game progresses, you will acquire more skills, eventually becoming a master of Pak-Mei Kung Fu.

It’s an intriguing-looking title, with some legitimately-cool swagger that sits somewhere between the ’70s grindhouse Kung Fu films it draws its inspiration from and the exaggerated style of Samurai Jack. Sifu is currently in development for PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. Look for its release this fall.

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