Ace from ‘FF Type-0’ and Two New Gods Announced for ‘Dissidia Final Fantasy’

Square Enix and Koei Tecmo’s arcade game, Dissidia Final Fantasy gave fans something to smile about when it hit Japan last year. Now, more characters have been announced for the fighting game, being a fighting-oriented reboot rather than a continuation of the Dissidia storyline, in the form of Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0. His character, as well as two unknown god characters, Materia and Spiritus, were shown off in the following trailer as who they represent in the Final Fantasy world.

The trailer is entirely in Japanese, but you get the idea. Ace’s trailer, on the other hand, shows off more of the fighting style using his card tactics. It seems to be the exact same fighting style from the PSP game, but the trailer only shows so much.

Check out both trailers below below: