Adult Swim Games Announces Pool Panic for Nintendo Switch

Have you ever thought to yourself “What is the secret life of billiard balls like? Do they have zany yet touching Pixar-esque adventures? How would a game about them play out?” If so, then you are one odd individual, but Adult Swim Games is thankfully on the same wavelength on you, as it was announced during today’s Nindies-related Direct that they would be bringing developer Rekim’s “least accurate pool simulator” to the Switch.

Playing as a sentient, mischievous cue ball in the massive game of pool that is life, the game sees you wandering around a hundred-plus levels, getting into such actions seen in the trailer below as clashing with other balls, enjoying carnival rides, or even battling giant spiders, all with evolving rules and mechanics. No exact release date for Pool Panic has been announced yet, just that it’s coming “soon” to the Switch and PC, so make sure to keep your eye on the ball for when more details come.

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