AereA Out Now on Steam

AereA, a musical action-RPG is now out on PC via Steam. Players assemble a party of four characters and use music-themed abilities and gear to save their home of Aezir. The music theme makes some double-meanings with the weapons here like making a bow into a harp, a sword and shield that are also a cello, and so on. The party of up to four character can also be controlled by different players, co-op style. On PC, the resolution goes up to 4K, there are up to nine unique bosses, and multiple islands to visit and liberate. The music in the game itself is, of course, also a bit more important than usual here and Deon van Heerden takes up the role of composer, known for his work on Broforce.

See the trailer below. AereA is out now on PC via Steam, and will be headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 30.