Age of Empires IV Shows Off Forces in New Videos

Age of Empires is a long-running staple of the RTS genre and a new entry is on its way. Today, a couple of short trailers were released to show off some of the forces found within Age of Empires IV. One highlights naval warfare and the other showcases a bit of the Abbasid civilization.

The first video gives a quick look at the fleet of ships from various civilizations. There are fishing boats to restock food supplies but the main focus is on warships volleying cannons back and forth. Conquering the seas will almost certainly secure victory. The other video introduces the Abbasid Dynasty who dominated much of the Middle East from 750 to 1258. Set in desert terrains they take advantage of wildlife and form a cavalry of camel riders. There is also much knowledge to spread using the House of Wisdom.

Check out the action in the videos below and look for Age of Empire IV to release October 28 on Game Pass for PC.