Agent 47 is Back with an HD Trilogy Launch Trailer

OK, he was already back when Square Enix put out Hitman: Absolution last November, but regardless, what many believe to be the definitive Hitman games are being re-released tomorrow. With it comes a launch trailer showing off and informing the masses what will be in the game. For only $39.99, gamers will be able to replay over 40 missions scattered across Hitman: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money.

If you’re a PC owner, well the games have been available to you in HD for quite some time now. It’s just getting your hands on Hitman: Contracts that seems to be difficult. Besides the three games being remastered in beautiful HD, purchasers will also receive Hitman Sniper Challenge, the nice little incentive for pre-order Absolution prior to its release, and a stunning artbook. Hopefully these games can stand the test of time (especially Silent Assassin).