American Truck Simulator’s Launch Trailer is Very Californian

One of the stranger runaway hits in recent years has been Euro Truck Simulator 2.  Somehow it’s become a perfect mix of sim-style driving and chill-out game, where you can grab a truck and a load of goods and set out driving across almost every part of Europe, thanks to a huge amount of DLC.  The next game in the series has been in the works for a while now, and with American Truck Simulator’s pending launch on February 3 it’s time for a trailer.  On watching the video all the way through, though, it becomes clear the monumental challenge developer SCS Software has ahead of them.

America is a huge country and it would be unreasonable to expect all of it, all at once, which is why American Truck Simulator starts out as Starter Pack: California, with Nevada thrown in at launch and Arizona being added as free DLC later on to round it out.  If Euro Truck Simulator 2 and current developer plans are anything to go by, more states will be added over time until the US is completely modeled at the 1:35 scale map.  Still, speaking as an East Coast resident, I couldn’t help looking at the scenery in the trailer and thinking it was as unfamiliar as that in ETS2.  Same country, different world.  It’s a great start, though, and as the game develops over the years it should be good fun for American fans to see their home states modeled and drag cargo into the great unknown.  As for the rest of the world, it’s going to be all new territory for them, same as ETS2 was for Americans.