Annapurna Interactive Showcase Set For July 29

Devolver may have mocked the idea of publishers putting out Direct-style presentations in these last couple of years, but they’re still an alluring way for many to showcase what is hopefully a strong lineup of games. And if there’s one indie publisher aside from Devolver who likely has the clout and the talent on board required to pull of such a showcase, it’s Annapurna Interactive. So it really should be no surprise that after the announcement of Last Stop’s release date, it was revealed that the first-ever Annapurna Interactive Showcase is set for next month.

So what can we expect from this showcase? Well, if the teaser below is any indication, we can expect more of The Artful Escape, Solar Ash, Skin Deep, and Neon White, plus what looks like the very first gameplay for Stray, one of our most-anticipated games of this year. And more than likely, they’ll have some new games to announce at well. So stay tuned on July 29, when we’ll have the details on the Annapurna Interactive Showcase.