Apotheon Launch Trailer Shows Off Some Stylized Combat

While the pool of the big budget AAA titles is a little sparse right now, we have seen plenty of high quality indie titles release recently. One of the upcoming indie games that looks particularly enticing is Apotheon, a platforming, action-RPG steeped in Greek mythology. With its release date fast approaching, we finally got a peak at a launch trailer that shows off plenty of the game’s stylized art and combat. The game has a feel of Guacamelee meets God of War meets a Grecian urn, although the footage shown off here doesn’t have quite the complexity of either the game’s art style or story.

Apotheon will be thrusting and slicing its way to Steam and PS4 consoles on February 3. That game itself will be available for free for PS+ subscribers, and if the trailer is any indication it is a very good month to have PlayStation Plus.