Aquatic Pack Brings New Depths to Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo will be getting a new influx of content next week via the newly-announced Aquatic Pack. Once it’s activated, virtual zookeepers will have five new species to house in their zoos, and they’ll also get a wealth of new scenery pieces to help both animals and patrons feel at home. This isn’t everything though, as Planet Zoo will also be getting a free update alongside the Aquatic Pack, one that’ll add many new features and quality of life improvements.

After installing the Aquatic Pack, fans can add the Emperor Penguin, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Diamondback Terrapin, Grey Seal and the Giant Otter to the body of attractions at their zoos. As for scenery, the pack adds over 170 pieces of scenery including building materials, greenery, zoo construction pieces and even murals. This DLC also adds a new, timed scenario set in Oregon. Aspiring zoo manager will have to put their skills to the test as they try to set up a successful park within the tight confines of a dried-up river bed.

This is all made even better with Update 1.4, which will bring features such as the Water Temperature Regulator facility, underwater feeders, better tracking of transport rides, a new challenge scenario, “Animal Talks” and even more scenery to decorate with. Players will also have the ability to multi-select for animal storage in franchise mode.

Planet Zoo’s Aquatic Pack and Update 1.4  hit the game on December 8. For those new to the game, be sure to check out our review to see how this one stacks up against the great zoo simulators of the past.

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