Arietta of Spirits Journeys to the Spirit Realm This Summer

Even though E3 week is working a little differently this year, there are still plenty of announcements coming out of both the AAA and indie sectors. One such indie game is Arietta of Spirits, a top-down adventure game starring a young girl whose life takes a turn upon meeting a new friend near the woods. Upon meeting said friend, Arietta gains the ability to see spirits, and this sets her on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the spirit realm.

Arietta of Spirits features a 2D pixel aesthetic and is set on a large, very explorable island. There’s also plenty of characters to meet, deep lore to delve into and a variety of enemies to fight. The mechanics are supposedly simple enough for most players to pick up without much difficulty too. The game will be seeing a digital release on PC via Steam as well as on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this summer. Physical editions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch are also coming and are available for preorder now.

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