ARK: Survival Evolved Finally Has Penguins

Two new aquatic dinosaurs hit Steam Early Access open-world survival game ARK: Survival Evolved today. From the depths of the ocean comes the giant, bioluminescent Anglerfish, Melanocetus Anglerpescum, and the wonderful penguin predecessors: the Kairuku Waitaki.

The bioluminescent light pods at the end of the Melanocetus‘s head stalks will help players spot them, and since they’re some of the largest of the Anglerfish, they work well as a means of lighting up the ocean depths for water-faring explorers when tamed. Crafters can also use the Melanocetus‘s luminescent nodules to create fuel and organic lighting for their homes.

The Kairuku Waitaki penguin-like creatures are much nicer. While they’re not much use in a fight, they make great pets and actually produce a nice amount of heat so explorers can stick close to them if they need to traverse the colder climates. If you’re more inclined to murder these docile ice birds, then their blubber can be used as an advanced crafting item. Oddly, someone at developer Studio Wildcard also saw fit to make infant Waitaki have more harvest-able blubber than adults.

For those more interested in hunting their fellow man, there is now a “Tribal Warfare Alliance” system which finally allows tribes to formally declare war against one another. These large-scale PVP conflicts occur during mutually agreed-upon time-frames and encourage more online bloodshed.

Check out the spotlight video for the Anglerfish and penguin below. For more on ARK: Survival Evolved, check out our preview right here.

ARK: Survival Evolved is due out sometime next June for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.