ARK: Survival Evolved Gets an Egg-Snatcher

Another week means another ARK: Survival Evolved update. Aside from optimizations and balancing, this week’s update to the popular dinosaur-filled open-world survival game on Steam Early Access also brings the Oviraptor. A slippery one, the Oviraptor is a dino-thief. It will steal eggs from other dinosaurs’ nests and bring it home to eat or to its master. Taming the Oviraptor means you can use it to not only steal the unhatched offspring of other dinosaurs, but having it around also speeds the mating process of all friendly dinosaurs. Yup, the thing’s got a natural aphrodisiac apparently, and emits it via chemical pheromones.

On a slightly cleaner note, the latest ARK update also includes a craft-able Ghillie Suit for those who like to stay hidden. For the cooks out there, there is also an Industrial Oven, as well as table furniture and bunk-beds for faster respawning.

Check out the spotlight video for the Oviraptor below. For more on ARK: Survival Evolved, check out our preview right here.

ARK: Survival Evolved is due out sometime next June for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.